When it comes to maintaining and trouble shooting electrical systems on a cruising boat
a good quality Amp and Volt meter can be a life-saver.
Aboard THIRD DAY, I'm constantly clamping onto my AC and DC wires to better understand where all the power is going.

How many Amps is the alternator really putting out? 
How about the Solar Panels? 
Is the refrigerator compressor having problems due to a high current draw or low voltage?

AC and DC Clamp on Amp and Volt Meter

At first glance this A/C & D/C volt meter looks like any other multimeter.  But on closer inspection, you will see that it’s designed to meet IRC 1010 CATIII 600v safety requirements. 

This high quality clamp on meter can measure:
AC Amps
DC Amps
AC Volts
DC Volts
Continuity beeper 

View the output data on a 4 digit water resistant LED display with an accuracy of 0.1 Amps of Volts

  • DC Voltage 0-200 volts overload protection 600V
  • AC Voltage 0-500 volts overload protection 600V
  • DC Current 0-200 amps overload protection 300A
  • AC Voltage 0-200 amps overload protection 300A
  • Resistance -0-200 Ohms overload protection 400V
  • Accuracy to 0.1 of an Amp or Volt
  • AC frequency response from 40-400Hz
  • AC spec tested on sine wave 50/60Hz

Price: $129.00

Item Number: CLAMP!

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