If you have Batteries aboard your boat then this is a must have device
to keep them in good shape and protect them from the evils of Sulfation.

12v/24v Pro Pulse Battery Desulfation Unit


  • Connects directly to battery
  • No external power source
  • Reverse feeds high frequency pulse into battery to blow sulfation off the plates
  • Prolongs battery life by up to 100%
  • Rejuvenates older batteries
  • Ideal for Cruisers that can't regularly top off their battery bank
  • Sharpens battery response to accept faster charge
  • 24v option with two units

Product information

If you have been replacing batteries because they are not holding their charge, then in most cases the battery is in fact in good condition except the plates are sulfated. Sulfation acts like a waterproof coating over the plates preventing the plate area affected from contributing to the battery cell performance. The solution is to remove this sulfation and expose the plate to the battery process again.

The Pro Pulse can be fitted to any battery bank to ensure that sulfation is not only prevented but also reversed and to prolong the life and performance of the battery bank.
The Pro Pulse is designed to connect to a 12 V battery bank and reverse feed a small electrical pulse back into the battery which prevents and also reverses sulfation on the battery plates.

By keeping the plates clean and free from sulfation, the battery stays fresh and responsive to charging and discharging.

Price: $62.00

Item Number: PP12v

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Download Pro Pulse Installation instructions here.