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A Beneteau 423 had their factory installed Adler Barbour refrigeration system fail.  We work with the client's measurements and fabricated two custom holding plates for his freezer compartment and cold air spilled over into his refrigerator box.


From Ocean Voyager 2010, pages 4-10
An excerpt from Bluewater Gear

"Philip DiNuovo and Leslie Linkkila have sailed together for almost 20 years, cutting their teeth on their first sailboat, a 25-footer equipped with only a depth sounder, compass, a small outboard and three worn sails. With this boat they explored the waters of Washington's Puget Sound and southwestern British Columbia. A passion for sailing to new shores led them to purchase a vintage Hallberg Mistral which they restored and then sold, and finally Carina, a Moason 33, the boat that would take them to sea. The death of a close friend made them realize that life is ephemeral and money would not buy even an additional second. As the result, they readied Carina for full-time offshore cruising, dispensed with years of accumulated possessions, resigned stressful corporate jobs in banking and life sciences, and cast off their docklines. Since then they have lived and traveled for almost seven years and 20,000 miles. So far, they have no regrets over their decision to forego the fast track... Accommodation. We converted a well-insulated icebox to a freezer/refrigeration system using a Technautics CoolBlue cold plate and an insulated separator. The system has been nearly 100 percent reliable, though we have had to occasionally recharge with R134A refrigerant. Our freezer is small and deep, but we can keep meat frozen even when the air and seawater approach 90 degrees fahrenheit."...


From: John Gayford
Sent: Monday, May 11, 2015 10:34 AM
To: info@technauticsInc.com
Subject: Thank You!

 Songline, Powell River, BC, Canada.  11 May 2015

Dear Rich

Just wanted to thank you for your help and advice when we phoned you on Saturday evening about our Coastal 12 unit.  We decided to ask a professional to refill and check the fridge for us rather than use the Canadian Tire kit.  It turned out to be a good thing as his leak detector quickly found a leak at the flare joint at the top of the cold plate.  He tightened it a little, the leak stopped and our unit is full of the correct amout of 134-A and working well again! 

We love the unit and having experienced two other manufacturers' marine fridges we have no hesitation in recommending your unit to everyone who asks us!

With best wishes

 Barbara & John Gayford 

From: D.Hanssen
To: info@technauticsinc.com
Subject: Testimonial

Hi again Randy.

I bought and installed a Cool Blue System on my CSY 33 Cutter, "Rhapsody".
To say I am pleased with the Cool Blue would be an understatement: It has run flawlessly for 9300 hours
Not only do we enjoy the daily cold beers, but we can be on the hook in the Exumas with rock-hard ice cream in the freezer thanks to the solar panels and the efficient Cool Blue system. Power consumption can range from 18 amp-hours per day in the Florida winter to 50 to 60 amp-hours in the tropics keeping fridge and freezer at low temps. (Have recorded -22 Centigrade in the freezer)
I converted the stock ice-boxes in the CSY 33 to a spill-over fridge/freezer system with 6 cubic feet in the fridge and 3 in the freezer by adding insulation to the inside of the boxes and building shelves, etc..
Also installed the optional 2.5" holding plate and added a couple of 3" computer case fans to cool the compressor compartment and added an hour-meter to keep track of the usage.
Again, I am very pleased with the Cool Blue machine and I keep recommanding it to every cruiser I run across.
Having earned my bread as a Yacht Captain and a Merchant Marine sailor,  I am quite familiar with boats and equipment and such. Your product and customer support is top notch.

Dag Hanssen
S/V "Rhapsody",

From: Greg Heck
To: info@technauticsinc.com
Subject: Technautics Cool Blue Installed


You probably get a lot of these, but I wanted to show you how well the box turned out on Mariah.  I lit the compressor Monday at 3:00.  By 4:10 the Freezer box reached 32 degrees.  Once the plate pulled down the next morning, the temperature was 5 Degrees in the freezer and 30 degrees in the refrigerator (I adjusted the thermostat at that point).  The unit is great!  I ended up with 4 layers of insulation on the back bottom and front, and 3 on each side. 

Thanks for all of the advice along the way. 

Greg Heck

Subject: RE: [southbound_group] Refrigeration

Refrigeration Recommendation:
When we refit Slip Away six years ago we installed a new refrigeration system.  Based on the results of the Seven Seas Cruising Association's Equipment Survey, we chose the Technautics Cool Blue system.  It is the only major piece of equipment that we installed on the boat that has NOT broken in the last 14,000+ miles!  It just works.
It is a 12VDC holding plate system.  Their advertised amp consumption is pretty much on the money with a properly insulated box (I think it was 24 amp-hours daily - about half the competing product's specs).  I was suspicious of that since it was so low, but even in the heat of El Salvador it only drew 30-35 amp-hours.  It is also air cooled, so does not bring seawater on board for cooling, which I like.  I hate things that can possibly pump seawater into the boat if they break - especially if I leave them on when I'm off the boat.  I was a little concerned about the unit's efficiency in the tropics, but it has not been a problem throughout Mexico, Central America and Panama.  We've also left the boat for 5 weeks at a time while traveling inland and returned to cold beer and fully charged batteries (with 2 120 watt solar panels).
Rich & Jan
s.v. Slip Away

Dear Randy :

We are writing to express our appreciation for your great product, the Technautics CoolBlue Refrigeration System.

We purchased a 1978 Islander Freeport sailboat in 2001 and completely refit her to go cruising. We chose the CoolBlue refrigeration system and installed it in early 2004. We purchased separate compressors for refer and freezer, and the installation was as advertised – very easy.

We purchased and installed many new products in the refit of our boat, and we had failures with many of those new items. The CoolBlue refrigeration was the exception. We live on our boat full time, have cruised through some hot climates in Mexico and Central America, and our refrigeration has operated with no problems.

The compressors run a bit more often in the tropics than in cooler weather, but the amps drawn are still reasonable and generally seem to be less than used by cruisers with other systems. In El Salvador, we left our boat on a mooring buoy (no shore power) to do some inland travel. We shut down the freezer, but left our refrigerator running. We were gone for five weeks, and our two 120 watt solar panels easily kept up with the refrigeration’s draw on the batteries.

For anyone looking to purchase a refrigeration system for their boat, we would highly recommend the CoolBlue System from Technautics. We would be happy to serve as a reference for you, your company, and your product.


Rich Crowell & Jan Schwab
s.v. Slip Away

From: Guy Mathany

installed cool blue

Dear Randy,
You called me about 3 months after I had purchased our Cool Blue system for our Valiant 40. At that time I hadn't installed it yet. I knew that I was heading into a total refit winter of work. I kept putting off installing the refrigeration because I thought it would be alot of work. I was wrong. It was easy to install.
The only problem was the copper lines. They weren't long enough for the location that I had in mind. I returned the 12 foot lines in exchange for 20 foot ones. They were the perfect length. Didn't have to coil them at all. I removed the old plates and installed the single large Cool Blue one. I was sceptical as to whether this one plate could do the job of the 4 plates I took out. From the moment i turned it on it worked perfectly!! On a dial setting of 7, I run it at about 3. It freezes very well. We make ice every 12 hours in the freezer. It works better than I had ever dreamed. We installed a link1000 system to monitor our 12 volt usage and the Cool Blue uses less energy then our old Adler Barbour Super Cool unit. Cool faster and uses less. WOW! I am a believer. I have recommended this system to anyone that asks me about refrigeration.
Thanks for all your help. Technautics is a great company to deal with and the system is great.
A very satisfied customer,
Guy Mathany
"Miss Ellie"

From: Dave Denise - SV "Anejo"

I have the unit installed in newly insulated boxes and its working like a dream
Dave Denise - SV "Anejo"

From: O'Neil & Marcia Dillon
To: info@technauticsinc.com
Subject: Cool Blue installation in Erickson 38

Randy, Here are some pictures of the installation. It came out very nicely and is cooling away, as advertised. I had to raise the compressor to allow for the locker shelf to go in and out. I added a small shroud to help direct cooling air to the unit. The milk crate offers protection in the locker. It is very quiet and unobtrusive, taking up very little space. I am totally pleased with your product. Thanks. O.S. Dillon

To: randy@technauticsinc.com
Subject: Excellent refrigerator system performance

Dear Randy: My wife Margaret and I recently completed a 16 year circumnavigation aboard our sailboat TOMORROW using your model 12110 SP-1E engine driven and 110 VAC systems all the way around. System performance was outstanding! The A/C system did not reguire any maintenance. The engine system needed only regular upkeep and, the few times we needed parts or advice, your staff responded promptly and effectively. We would recommend Technautic eguipment without reservation!

Ken and Margaret Crabill

To: info@technauticsinc.com
Subject: Unit I bought in July

Randy,  Since I've had some months since July to use the cold plate and unit you sold me I feel that I Can render an accurate assessment of the unit.   SUPER,GREAT, man I got ice all the many days I spend at the channel islands.  Again, nice doing business with you.
harvey swindall
tugboat Mary Francis

To: "Randy, Jennifer" <randys@technauticsinc.com>
Subject: Hola! (Ellen & Walter S/V Soltara)

We wanted to write and say thank you to you again, for standing by and helping us work through, troubleshoot/identify and successfully resolve our refrigeration problems.  Our Cold Blue is back to running efficiently.  Walt found a very small amount of oil near a fitting just outside of the compressor, he backed off and then tightened and added some 134a until there were no bubbles.  We then turned it on high for 24 hours and backed off until the compressor clicked off.  At a 72 hour 'check up' Walt found another mere trace of oil at the same location and tightened it just a bit more, all in all, it took a total of approximately 1/4 more of a turn when tightening.  It has been several days now and there are no bubbles still and no sign of a leak.  In addition the compressor is cycling on/off a couple of times a day.  We are very pleased with the successful resolve and just want to say again that we love our Cold Blue.  We came down river (Rio Dulce, Guatemala) yesterday and are setting just inside the mouth of the river.  We checked out of the country today and are awaiting a weather window and high tide, so that we may cross the bar with our 6' draft and get underway for Cartegena, Columbia.  If the weather is good and no problems...forbid!.... we will probably continue as far as Provodencia or possibly all of the way to Cartegena (a little over 1000 nautical miles).  In our weather report upload this morning we received info from the 'Tropical Weather Forecaster for the NW Caribbean' and there is a large unsettled low pressure system hanging literally 'over' us, expected to move over water within the next 24 hours and has potential to form the first Atlantic Tropical Storm this season.  Needless to say, we will hang tight to see what this does/does not do before we set sail, in hopes that it will break up and we will have some favorable winds and seas to carry us safely below 12 degrees!  Then we will both feel a sense of relief.  We plan to haul our boat in Cartegena and do a bottom job and possibly some other work, we have a lot of friends that are down that way that have been very happy with the yard work and the prices (e.g. our friends aboard S/V Gambit II are having an entire new cabin sole put in for a total of $1,000 USD!).  Following a week or less in the yard - when Soltara is back in the water, we plan to begin sailing about the San Blas islands until December when we will begin to stage ourselves and begin 2007 with a Southward canal transit.  Refrigeration is certainly a luxury we know that we can live without while cruising, as we lived without onboard Soltara for 5 years while we did a full refurbishment (Soltara is a 1977 Tayana 37, a very 'salty' sea boat - all wood spars, teak trip, teak decks and full teak interior -something many sailors attest, but we love her dearly especially after completing her refurbishment), but we hope that our Cold Blue will stay healthy while we continue our cruising through the South Pacific.  The refrigeration/freezer cavity configuration worked out awesome, adding the vacumm insulation panels definitely helped overall and the reconfiguration of space allows us to house 5 baskets plus 4 ice cube trays, a small bag of ice and a quart of ice cream :), the refrigerator section holds 3 large baskets with 3 smaller that slide around on top, as well as 3 x 1/2 gallon jugs of juice (12 beer cans under the juice :) and quart of milk and quart of wine!  The Cold Blue is truly a lean clean running machine!  Thanks again, Ellen & Walter, S/V Soltara



We are so pleased with our CoolBlue - As we take off on our dream cruise we are confident we don't need to worry about the fridge & freezer.
Dick & Bobi

Thank you for being so responsive to my concerns regarding the CoolBlue system. I am most impressed with your attention to detail and customer service.
Please use the enclosed check to take your crew to Wahoo's for fish tacos and brewskis on me.
Best Regards,

Hi Folks!
I started the unit up first time this am. I set it at 4 on the dial and it was pulling 7 amps at 72°. By the time I let at 8pm to go back home it was down to 4 amps and 9 and still falling. I am very happy with it! Thanks for making our summer vacation more fun!

Aboad the Dancing Otter
Terry & Marie

From: A&R Marine Service
To: info@technauticsinc.com
Subject: Cool Blue

I had a good customer of mine purchase your system from a boat show and he asked me to install it for him. At first I was reluctant because Technautics was new to me and I tried to talk him into a different system. He had his mind made up that this was "The System" to have. So I started the installation and discovered that the plate was a little too big to fit in the ice box of his Dana 24. We called on Technautics and to my surprise, the problem was solved and the new plate was shipped overnight that very day.
The rest of the job went flawlessly and I discovered for myself that this is "The System" to have!!!
Needless to say, my company has now switched to Technautics for all of our refrigeration needs. There are very few companies left in this industry that pride themselves on customer service and product quality and A&R Marine Service is proud to represent the Technautics name.

Thank You Again
Rodney DeVillier
A&R Marine Service

From: Ken & Bonny Taggart on Moonbird in Wilmington CA
To: info@technauticsinc.com

Randy, We have finished the installation of our "Cool Blue" and are extremely happy. We have 4 cu ft of freezer and 4.6 cu ft of refrigerator. We have reached -17F in the freezer! We found that keeping the dial at 2 keeps the freezer just above zero and the fridge about 40! I thought you might appreciate the attached pictures. Feel free to use them in your book. I am working on a technical article I would like to submit to some boating magazines. I will keep you posted. Bonny Taggart

click to view larger images

From: Gene Seybold
To: Valiant Owners
Cc: info@technauticsinc.com
Subject: Technautics Cool Blue Refrigeration System

Hi all!
After much deliberation, I decided to purchase a Cool Blue 12 volt, air cooled, holding plate refrigeration system from Technautics. The Cool Blue system is a new product that was released in October of last year. The system is advertised as taking 2-4 hours to install, claims it will use 21 amps per day in a 6 cu ft box, and includes a 5 year warrenty. It comes from the factory charged with 134 but can also run on R12. I was able to remove the old Adler Barbour system, rewire and install the new system in less than 8 hours and the rewiring took nearly 2 hours. The compressor unit is compact, easy to recharge and fit into the same area as Adler Barbour with no modifications. The deminsions of the compressor unit are 1 Ox12x1 0 high. They have a few variations of holding plate sizes that should allow installation in any ice box. I sent Randy, the owner of Technautics, a drawing of my ice box and my proposed installation. He reviewed and suggested I use a 22x13x1" thick plate. I only had one problem, I only had 21 inches of room. He said they could configure the plate and copper feed lines to be 21". It fit perfectly! I was very impressed with the quality of workmanship in the manufacturing of the holding plate. Randy was also extremly helpful in assisting in the design of the system and answering any questions I had about installation. That evening, I turned the system on to a medium setting and by morning most everything in the box was frozen. My installation included making a separate insulated freezer box within the ice box and installing custom shelving from the local plastics fabricator. This proved to be far more time consuming than the installation of the system and I'm still not quite done with the shelving. The ice box in the V37 is slightly less than 6 cu. ft. The new freezer section is approximately 1.5 cu ft. which is very large and easily accomodates ice trays and a week or 2 worth of frozen food. The insulated dividing wall was obtained from Technautics and has a covered opening that allows adjustment of how much cold air "spills over" to keep the refrigerator portion cool. In my box the Adler Barbour evaporator wasted a large portion of the usable space in the box. It just didn't fit well. The cold plate wi~h the new system only protudes 1.5" from the wall. This in combination with the plastic shelves has nearly doubled the usable space in the box! Although I have not yet connected a meter to acurately determine the number of amp hours used per day. It appears to be using less than 40 amps per day
which is a significant improvement over the previous system. It should be noted that I keep pulling everything out of the box to keep installing my plastic shelving, so I have not really had an opportunity to let the box "stabilize" and get a good feel for the amount of energy used. I anticipate that once I complete the shelving the amp hours used will drop further. I will report back on amp used after completing the shelving. To say that I am pleased with the system, would be an understatement!! The system is performing very well. Everything placed in the freezer is frozen solid, the temperature in the freezer seems to stay right around 10 degrees. The spillover system is keeping the refrigeration portion at approximately 40 degrees with the spillover opening shut. would highly recommend anyone considering replacing or adding refrigeration to take a good look at this system ! I am not in any way affiliated with Technautics and only pass this information to the list based on my personal experience. For more information Technautics has a web site at www.technauticsinc.com

Gene Seybold
Reflections V37 -127
4/2/99P.S. I almost forgot the most important thing!!! I now have solidly frozen ice cream!!!!!!!

From: Steve & Val Papkey
To: Technautics, Inc.

After trying several brands of cold plates with no satisfaction, we purchased a Technautics Coastal coldplate from West Marine. We cruised the Bahamas and the east coast of the U.S. last year in out Hardin 45 with no refrigeration problems.

Steve & Val
SlY Barefoot'n

Subj: Ice Cubes
From: Carl & Robin aboard Abraxas
To: Info@technauticsInc.com

Randy and the rest at Technautics,
After finally getting our new compressor out of customs, I installed it with no problems. Before the old one decided not to work it was drawing 10-12 amps. We figured being able to only have refrigeration while motoring or at the dock was better than nothing. To our delight and surprise the new one only draws 3.5 amps. The solar panels stay well ahead of it, it's been on for 3 months. Cold beer and ice cubes while anchored in Tenacatita Mexico! That was only a dream before. We make the cubes in disposable plastic bags available thru West Marine. Mostly we want to express our appreciation of your product and thank you for the service.

Carl & Robin aboard Abraxas

Subj: coastal 110
From: cliff hagerman
To: Info@TechnauticsInc.com

I just want you to know that of all the machinery I have on my boat, SUNDANCE, your fridge has been trouble free for the three yrs. that I have had the boat If all my machinery worked as well there would be a lot of mechanics out of work. Thanks for a great product.

Cliff Hagerman
Marina Del Rey, Ca

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