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Sailboat Watermaker Installation on a Crealock 37

Hi Righ, here are several photos showing the installation of your water maker on Lagniappe, our Crealock 37.   I was concerned with where I could mount the various components but everything other than the control panel fit nicely in the engine room on the port and starboard bulkheads.  System works great and served us well… Read more »

A 12v to 120v Water Maker Swap Out

Mark on SV Reach has been out cruising for a few years with a 12v DC 8GPH water maker and decided it was time to upgrade to a higher output water maker.  So after shopping around, he bought our 30 gallon SM30 water maker.  As many cruisers with 12v DC low output water makers find… Read more »

With Marine Watermakers: Size Matters

I will be the first to stand up and say that I LOVE my job. Where else would I get to work from the lower salon of my sail boat from whereever I am and talk cruising and watermakers with friends and clients.  But I will also admit that my work schedule is more of… Read more »

Converting a Spectra to a Cruiser RO Water Maker

After years of operating their Spectra DC water maker, Tom contacted Cruise RO Water Makers to talk about converting their Spectra water maker our concept of a “Keep it simple” high output AC 120V unit.   Dear Rich, We replaced the membranes supplied by you in November 2013 in our Spectra Newport 700. We are… Read more »

Water Maker Cruiser Review

I know it is a Cliché to say it, but it’s Water Maker reviews and emails like this from happy clients that makes it all worth it to me.   “I purchased my CruiseRO water maker after I arrived in La Paz, Mexico during the Bajahaha 2012 trip. After over 1.5 years of continuous use… Read more »

Water Maker Complaint Email

The names and email addresses of the innocent have been redacted, but this was one client “complaint” email that we were happy to receive.   —–Original Message—– From: [30 GPH Water Maker Client] Sent: Saturday, December 21, 2013 4:34 PM To: Subject: Damn you Rich   Yesterday we bought a small pressure washer for… Read more »

Water Maker Installation on a Catalina 400 Sailboat

The following was sent in by Tim, the owner of SV Magic a Catalina 400 Sailboat after returning from their first season of cruising the Bahamas.  Not every client sends such a detailed water maker installation write-up to us.  So when this one came in we had to share it!   In the spring of… Read more »

Small Boat Water Maker Installation

Having been in the water maker biz for a while, I’ve done my share of installations and seen photos of even more.  But when Barry Bartholomew, the owner of SV SeaSwift, a 35ft canoe stern Southern Cross sailboat, sent me photos of his recent installation I was impressed!  Barry managed to use the space under… Read more »

Slocum 43 Sailboat: Water Maker Installation

    Often the best way to describe the installation process of a Cruise RO Water Maker is to have a client do it!  So here is a blog post made by Dan on SV Papillon, a Slocum 43 sailboat, about his 20 gallon per hour water maker installation.   Link to Water Maker Installation… Read more »