Category: Water Maker Installations

Custom 60GPH Water Maker in Genoa Bay Marina BC Canada

  How large a water maker do you need? For most cruising boats our most popular selling water maker is the 30 gallon per hour unit, but the Genoa Bay Marina in BC Canada needed a larger unit. To save on shipping costs, we sold them the 3 major components (Pump/Motor, Pressure Vessels/Membrane Assembly, and… Read more »

Water Maker Installation on a Catalina 400 Sailboat

The following was sent in by Tim, the owner of SV Magic a Catalina 400 Sailboat after returning from their first season of cruising the Bahamas.  Not every client sends such a detailed water maker installation write-up to us.  So when this one came in we had to share it!   In the spring of… Read more »

Maple Leaf 48 Watermaker Installation

The best water maker installations are those that take up the least amount of valable storage space.  The Cruise RO Water Maker dealer in La Paz, B.C.S. Mexico installed this 20 gallon per hour water maker under the seat on a Maple Leaf 48, SV Away She Goes.              

Small Boat Water Maker Installation

Having been in the water maker biz for a while, I’ve done my share of installations and seen photos of even more.  But when Barry Bartholomew, the owner of SV SeaSwift, a 35ft canoe stern Southern Cross sailboat, sent me photos of his recent installation I was impressed!  Barry managed to use the space under… Read more »