CoolBlue Client Feedback

Randy, I just want you to know that of all the machinery I have on my boat, SUNDANCE, your fridge has been trouble free for the three yrs. that I have had the boat If all my machinery worked as well there would be a lot of mechanics out of work. Thanks for a great… Read more “”

cliff hagerman

Randy and the rest at Technautics, After finally getting our new compressor out of customs, I installed it with no problems. Before the old one decided not to work it was drawing 10-12 amps. We figured being able to only have refrigeration while motoring or at the dock was better than nothing. To our delight… Read more “”

Carl & Robin

Technautics, After trying several brands of cold plates with no satisfaction, we purchased a Technautics Coastal coldplate from West Marine. We cruised the Bahamas and the east coast of the U.S. last year in out Hardin 45 with no refrigeration problems.

Steve & Val Papkey

Hi all! After much deliberation, I decided to purchase a Cool Blue 12 volt, air cooled, holding plate refrigeration system from Technautics. The Cool Blue system is a new product that was released in October of last year. The system is advertised as taking 2-4 hours to install, claims it will use 21 amps per… Read more “”

Gene Seybold

Randy, We have finished the installation of our “Cool Blue” and are extremely happy. We have 4 cu ft of freezer and 4.6 cu ft of refrigerator. We have reached -17F in the freezer! We found that keeping the dial at 2 keeps the freezer just above zero and the fridge about 40! I thought… Read more “”

Ken & Bonny Taggart

Randy, I had a good customer of mine purchase your system from a boat show and he asked me to install it for him. At first I was reluctant because Technautics was new to me and I tried to talk him into a different system. He had his mind made up that this was “The… Read more “”

Rodney DeVillier

Hi Folks! I started the unit up first time this am. I set it at 4 on the dial and it was pulling 7 amps at 72°. By the time I let at 8pm to go back home it was down to 4 amps and 9 and still falling. I am very happy with it!… Read more “”

Terry & Marie

Randy, Thank you for being so responsive to my concerns regarding the CoolBlue system. I am most impressed with your attention to detail and customer service. Please use the enclosed check to take your crew to Wahoo’s for fish tacos and brewskis on me.


Randy, We are so pleased with our CoolBlue – As we take off on our dream cruise we are confident we don’t need to worry about the fridge & freezer.

Dick & Bobi

We wanted to write and say thank you to you again, for standing by and helping us work through, troubleshoot/identify and successfully resolve our refrigeration problems. Our Cold Blue is back to running efficiently. Walt found a very small amount of oil near a fitting just outside of the compressor, he backed off and then… Read more “”

Ellen & Walter

Randy, Since I’ve had some months since July to use the cold plate and unit you sold me I feel that I Can render an accurate assessment of the unit. SUPER,GREAT, man I got ice all the many days I spend at the channel islands. Again, nice doing business with you.

harvey swindall

My wife Margaret and I recently completed a 16 year circumnavigation aboard our sailboat TOMORROW using your model 12110 SP-1E engine driven and 110 VAC systems all the way around. System performance was outstanding! The A/C system did not reguire any maintenance. The engine system needed only regular upkeep and, the few times we needed… Read more “”

Ken and Margaret Crabill

Randy, Here are some pictures of the installation. It came out very nicely and is cooling away, as advertised. I had to raise the compressor to allow for the locker shelf to go in and out. I added a small shroud to help direct cooling air to the unit. The milk crate offers protection in… Read more “”

O'Neil & Marcia Dillon

Dear Randy, You called me about 3 months after I had purchased our Cool Blue system for our Valiant 40. At that time I hadn’t installed it yet. I knew that I was heading into a total refit winter of work. I kept putting off installing the refrigeration because I thought it would be alot… Read more “”

Guy Mathany

We are writing to express our appreciation for your great product, the Technautics CoolBlue Refrigeration System. We purchased a 1978 Islander Freeport sailboat in 2001 and completely refit her to go cruising. We chose the CoolBlue refrigeration system and installed it in early 2004. We purchased separate compressors for refer and freezer, and the installation… Read more “”

Rich Crowell & Jan Schwab

When we refit Slip Away six years ago we installed a new refrigeration system. Based on the results of the Seven Seas Cruising Association’s Equipment Survey, we chose the Technautics Cool Blue system. It is the only major piece of equipment that we installed on the boat that has NOT broken in the last 14,000+… Read more “”

Rich & Jan

ou probably get a lot of these, but I wanted to show you how well the box turned out on Mariah. I lit the compressor Monday at 3:00. By 4:10 the Freezer box reached 32 degrees. Once the plate pulled down the next morning, the temperature was 5 Degrees in the freezer and 30 degrees… Read more “”

Greg Heck

I bought and installed a Cool Blue System on my CSY 33 Cutter, “Rhapsody”. To say I am pleased with the Cool Blue would be an understatement: It has run flawlessly for 9300 hours. Not only do we enjoy the daily cold beers, but we can be on the hook in the Exumas with rock-hard… Read more “”

Dag Hanssen

Dear Rich Just wanted to thank you for your help and advice when we phoned you on Saturday evening about our Coastal 12 unit. We decided to ask a professional to refill and check the fridge for us rather than use the Canadian Tire kit. It turned out to be a good thing as his… Read more “”

Barbara & John Gayford