CoolBlue Marine Refrigeration Unit Cost

Complete CoolBlue Refrigeration System: $2950
Special Boat Show Pricing: $2750
Save $200

  • Fin/tube holding plate with preset expansion valve custom configured to fit your box
  • Holding plate mounting brackets
  • Condensing unit with DC Hermetically sealed compressor capable of operating on 12v or 24v
  • Condensing unit size: Height 8 1/4″ Width 10″ Depth 12″
  • 12ft of copper tube sets with self-sealing connector ends (custom sizes available)
  • Dryer/Receiver and fin-tube heat exchanger outfitted with a low Amp cooling fan
  • System comes precharged with 134a refrigerant and is pretested prior to shipping
  • Thermostat (freezer or refrigerator)
  • The Only 5 Year Warranty in the Marine Refrigeration Business with 7 Day a week customer service and support.

Donwload a Copy of the CoolBlue Manual Here

Compressor Condensing Unit: $1495

These standard condensing units are used in our CoolBlue refrigeration systems and can be used to upgrade an older 1970’s CoolBlue engine driven or 110v AC system to an efficient 12v system. If you have a boat with old holding plates, they rarely go bad so recycle them and revive the system with a new compressor condensing unit. Comes with our Standard 5 Year Warranty!

  • 1″ or 2.5″ or 4″ Holding Plate: $1200
  • 13″ x 24″ x 1″- 1100 Btu
  • 13″ x 24″ x 2.5″ – 2500 Btu (our Standard CoolBlue Holding Plate)
  • 13″ x 24″ x 4″ – 4000 Btu

Fitted with a Danfoss Thermally Adjusting Expansion Valve (TXV). The holding plate is filled with the proper eutectic solution for either a refrigerator or freezer plate. These plates are identical to our standard plates used in our CoolBlue refrigeration systems. Custom size holding plates are available and quoted upon request.

Electronic Control Module for the CoolBlue Compressor: $295
The DC compressors used in the CoolBlue systems are controlled by an electronic module. Several different models of DC compressors have been used in our systems over the years as newer more efficient compressors emerge, so when ordering a replacement or spare electronic module, we will need to verify the brand of compressor your system is using (Danfoss, ACC or Cubigel). A photo of your compressor condensing unit is all we will need to know the brand of electronic module you need or just give us a call and a few easy questions will help identify the correct brand.

CoolBlue Refrigerant Recharge Kit: $75
The recharge kit contains two 12oz cans of the environmentally friendly R-134a refrigerant, a charging hose, valve, and adapter to connect to the charging port on the CoolBlue compressor. Also included is a low pressure refrigeration gauge to verify proper running of the system.

Standard Manual Dial Freezer or Refrigerator Thermostat: $65
This is the standard mechanical thermostat used in the CoolBlue system. A different thermostat is used for a freezer or refrigerator plate, so please specify when ordering.

Digital Temperature Display: $45
This remote panel mount temperature display allows you to view the LED temperature on the panel mount display.

Low Amp draw Thermal Fan: $45
This 12v 0.35A fan is mounted on the CoolBlue compressor condensing unit’s fin-tube heat exchange to assist in cooling and blowing cool air on the compressor and electronic module during system operation.

Even Air Fan: $52 (Currently out of Stock)
Used in the refrigerator or freezer box to assist in equalizing the box temperature, this fan can be used as a stand alone unit or in conjunction with our air ducting to assist in circulating air in your box.
Link to download Even-Air Fan in PDF