Customer Feedback

As a Cruiser Owned Company, we love hearing from fellow cruisers about their water maker installation. Our best advertising isn’t a $1500 glossy magazine advertisement that just drives up our overhead and water maker costs, but rather satisfied clients that are telling others about us in marinas and anchorages throughout the cruising fleet. While planning your water maker installation, it’s also handy to check out how other cruisers have performed their installs.

I commend you for your commitment to your product and your customers. I had intended on getting a 12 volt watermaker system until talking with you at the boat show. I have never regretted getting an AC system. Many friends run their 12 volt units for several hours to fill the tank, while monitoring/augmenting battery… Read more “”

Lane Scott

Rich and Charlie use industry standard parts, know what they’re doing, and don’t try to rip you off on the price. The new membranes fit exactly where the old ones were and with the new vessel, metal end caps, and two new hoses there are no leaks! A first for our system. And with the… Read more “”

Frank and Linda

There is no doubt in our mind that Cruise RO Water delivers great service.


We love the watermaker and it works great. In the warm water of Mexico, we are making 36 gallons per hour from our SM30 water maker, at around 265ppm. Just as good as our faucet water in San Diego!

Kate and Mike Bird

The water maker installation was pretty much by the book, and questions were quickly resolved by the Cruise RO Water team. The water production rate is beyond the advertised value and the water quality seems excellent. The system is simple and straight forward to operate and maintain. The system’s simplicity augments its reliability and serviceability… Read more “”

Marvin Sachse

We first read about Cruise RO Water on Rich’s, owner of Cruise RO Water and Power, cruising blog and we later met him at the Seattle boat show. We liked the idea of buying from a small company whose owners are also cruisers. Cruise RO Water takes good care of their clients and they make… Read more “”

Mike & Verena

My wife Linda and I live full time on our Leopard 47 and determined that our 12-volt water maker did not meet our water usage. I began researching water makers for price effective larger systems and after searching for several months, I determined that Cruise RO Water provided the best price performance systems. When I… Read more “”

John and Linda

Rich and the Cruise RO team, I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we produced well over 500 gallons of water at this point. We have been running the system about every 6 days and running fresh though it every 3 when possible. The controls make it very easy to… Read more “”

Keath and Mikiko

Dear Rich, I want to thank you for all your help with my Cruise RO Water SeaMaker 20 water maker. We assumed our only option was a 12v water maker but they were more expensive and could only produce a disappointing 6-8 gallons. We determined that with a 2000 watt inverter we could make water… Read more “”

Nick Chiappini

We didn’t leave the dock with a watermaker, we quickly learned that having one meant the difference between camping and a more comfortable life aboard. The greatest feature of having a Cruise RO watermaker is independence from constantly running it. Producing 20 GPH means that we run the watermaker for about two to three hours,… Read more “”

Matt and Christie

Rich, you have been the best. These are poor words for the help that I’ve received, but thank you. You might as well have been leaning over my shoulder the whole time, giving me a pat of confidence and good advice. I think that if you had been able, you would have reached through Skype… Read more “”

William Ennis

The SeaMaker 20 is a water maker that will make 20 gallons Per Hour, and is designed to run off of our Honda generator. And is $1000 less than the Village Little Wonder that we currently have [and are replacing]. We have found that we are running the Honda pretty much every time we make… Read more “”

Tom Brown

Cranked it up to 800 and in one of the saltiest seas on earth- the Sea of Cortez- I hit about 28 gph! Happy, happy, joy, joy! The access to basically all of the fresh water we would ever need is one more line releasing us from shore life and while it isn’t the cheapest… Read more “”


I cannot say enough about CruiseRO and the customer service they provide. I installed a sea maker 40 in my Jeanneau 54DS and upon startup I noticed I had a feed problem to the high pressure pump. I contacted Rich and he put me in touch with his partner Charlie. Charlie asked for all the… Read more “”


I had originally considered putting together my own watermaker from off the shelf parts purchased here and there over the internet, but really, when I ran the tally on what all the components would end up costing, it was a no-brainer, your unit was not a whole lot more expensive and when your help in… Read more “”


After a few years of cruising with a low output 12v DC water maker, Mark decided it was time to upgrade to a 120v AC high output water and chose our SM30. Mark confirmed our premise that cruisers with 12v DC low volume water makers often need to run their generators to have enough battery… Read more “”

Mark & Michele

Hello Rich, I am writing to make certain you know I am very pleased with the installation and performance of my Cruisers RO SeaMaker 20 water maker! SV SeaSwift is a 35′ canoe stern Southern Cross and the flexibility of the component design helped me fit the unit to the space my boat would allow.… Read more “”

Barry Bartholomew