ModelFresh Water Production GPH/GPD High Pressure Pump Amps
12V/24V/48V DC
Boost Pump
SMDC-88/12030/15/8 8.2$4650

Module 1: High Pressure Pump and Motor Assembly
One General Pump Company triplex plunger pump with a 316 stainless steel manifold and wetted parts, solid ceramic plungers and an anodized aluminum crankcase mechanically coupled to a Quality Leeson DC electric motor. Fitted with a pressure relief valve preset to 950 PSI.

Module 2: RO Pressure Vessel Assembly
One filament wound fiberglass/epoxy pressure vessel. (SMDC-33 Two)
One SW30-2540 Dow Filmtec Polyamide thin-film composite high salt rejection RO Membrane (The Gold Standard in RO Membranes, not a discount off brand)
Two fiberglass clamps affixed to fiberglass mounting feet.
One 3ft long 3/8″ high pressure braided stainless steel silicone covered hose for connecting the high pressure pump outlet to the RO pressure vessel. (Longer hose available upon request for an additional charge of $10/ft)

Module 3: Pre-filter and Boost Pump Assembly
Two 10” clear filter housings with mounting bracket
One 20 micron pre-filter element
One 5 micron pre-filter element
One self-priming 12V DC Jabsco diaphragm boost pump

Module 4: Valving and Cleaning Assembly
One clear filter housing with mounting bracket
One activated carbon filter element
Two 3-way valves for selecting modes of operation:
1) Normal operation of inlet seawater
2) Fresh water flushing from ships tanks
3) Pickling solution from 5 gallon bucket

Module 5: Remote Control Panel
An anodized aluminum panel with the following system controls:
One 0-1 GPM flow meter
One 0-1500psi system pressure gauge
One non-blocking product water selector 3-way valve
One stainless steel pressure regulating needle valve
One DC boost pump electrical switch
One DC high pressure pump electrical switch (Relay/Contactors not included)
One 0-60psi boost Pump pressure gauge
System Operation Hour Meter (or Optional On-Panel TDS Meter for $200 Adder)
One 5ft 3/8″ high pressure braided stainless steel silicon coated hose
(Longer hose available upon request for an additional charge of $10/ft)

Miscellaneous Included Equipment & Supplies:
30ft of green 1/2″ Polyethylene sea water tubing
30ft of blue 1/4″ Polyethylene product water tubing
30ft of red 1/4″ Polyethylene brine water tubing
10ft of Orange 3/8″ Polyethylene pickling water tubing
One cutter for the water tubing
One spacing tool for proper insertion and removal of water tubing into push connector
One 1/2″ male NPT to push connector fitting for connecting to your seawater inlet source
One 1/2″ male NPT to push connector fitting for connecting to your ships water system for fresh water flushing of the water maker
Three 1/4″ male NPT to push connector fittings for connecting the brine, product water, and sample water outlet lines to your ships plumbing
Locking clips for all push connector fittings
Electronic copy of the Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual via USB Stick
(Hard Copy available at our cost of $23)
One filter housing wrench for filter element replacement
2.5 pounds of pickling reagent
One hand-held TDS meter for checking water quality
Four spare 1/2″ male NPT 90° elbow to push connector fitting if needed to replace the straight fittings which are pre-mounted on the modules for making the system plumbing easier
An assortment of push-to-connect fittings to aid in installation

What we Don’t Provide. In other words, what you will need to supply:
I made a YouTube Video going over the details and you can watch that
here: YouTube Video Link

In summary:
Raw water through hull
Raw water sea strainer (we recommend one like this)
Electrical installation wire and breakers, Relays and Contactors for the DC Pumps
Mounting screws and bolts for the individual system Modules
Zip ties and mounting straps for securing the electrical and water lines
That’s it! Everything else we provide with the with the water maker.

Water Maker Module Sizes:
The below table provides the length, width, height, and weight of the various water maker modules. The listed dimensions represent the greatest size measurement to create a box that the module can be contained within. However, as can be seen in the module photo images, the modules could actually fit into a smaller space depending upon the installation orientation.

1: Pump and Motor1911944
2: RO Pressure Vessel4486.514
3: Prefilter Assembly11.5514.56.5
3: 12V DC Boost Pump9.5577
4: Valving and Cleaning Assembly13.5514.55
5: Remote Control Panel5


Automatic Fresh Water Flush ($649)
Valving & Cleaning Panel ($350)