Water Maker Educational Videos

One of our goals is to demystify marine water makers and help people understand how they work. In our educational videos, Rich tries to break the water maker basics down into easy to digest and understand topics. So by the time you have watch them all, you will have a good understanding of not just how boat water makers work, but you can gain the confidence to install and operate a high output water maker aboard your own cruising boat. If you have a specific water maker question or topic you would like to see Rich address in a video, just send him an email because he would much rather play with his video camera than work on the paperwork piling up on his desk and show off his collection of Hawaiian Shirts!

Besides the cost and fresh water production rates, what are the real differences between
the SM20, SM30, and SM40 water makers?  In this Video Rich reviews the differences
so you can better pick the water maker model that’s right for you.

You are about to buy one of our Water Makers, so what other parts and supplies will you need for the Installation? Rich answers this standard question of what else you will need.

What you need to know about Water Maker Maintenance, it Really isn’t that Hard! In this Video Rich walks through the How and Whys of Water Maker Maintenance.

You don’t need a large diesel generator to have a high output water maker. The Honda 2000 will power our 20 and 30 gallon per hour water makers and still have enough power to charge your batteries at the same time!

The Magical RO Membrane.
The more you know and understand about them, the better off you will be.

Do Water Makers need a Dedicated Sea Water Inlet Through Hull?
Rich, the owner of Cruise RO Water, dives into the often asked question.

Where can you run your water maker? Can you run it in a Marina, Bay or Estuary?
Or do you need to be offshore in clean blue water? Rich dives into the questions and
explains where you can feel safe running your water maker.

Can you run your water maker in Fresh or Brackish water?

A high output water maker needs a boost pump to supply a reliable supply of sea water to the high pressure pump. In this Video, Rich talks about the boost pump supplies with our water maker.

If you are looking for a better understanding of how a RO Membranes work and are manufactured,
the next two videos will be worth watching.