CoolBlue Boat Refrigeration Holding Plates

The CoolBlue holding plates are specifically designed and built to provide the maximum Btu cooling capacity for your Refrigerator, Freezer or combination Fridge/Freezer box operating from a single holding plate. The standard holding plate configurations for our 2.5″ and 1″ thick plates are listed and shown below. The plates can be mounted in the vertical (as shown) or horizontal orientations to best utilize your box space. You want to mount the plate as high up in the box as possible for good convection air movement. In addition to these standard holding plates, we can also design and fabricate custom holding plates to fit almost any box or application.

When selecting a holding plate configuration for your box, consider how the connecting lines to and from the condensing compressor unit will enter and exit your box to make for an easy connection to the holding plate. The Right and Left Hand plates are our two most popular configurations. In the photos below, you will see the yellow fitting caps in the ends of the female quick connect fittings. These yellow caps will be removed and the male fittings installed on the copper line set will attached to the holding plate. In terms of naming, for example the “right hand” designation indicates that the copper refrigeration lines are entering and exiting the holding plate on the “right side”.

These are our standard on the shelf plates, but we can make custom size plates to fit any Box Configuration.