Water Maker Parts and Consumable Supplies

In order to make sure you get the parts you want we don’t sell through an online shopping cart. So if you would like to make a purchase, just shoot me an email Rich@CruiseROwater.com with the items you would like along with your Billing and Shipping address and then I will send you a QuickBooks invoice along with an online payment link.

Standard water maker consumable parts and pricing is as follows
(I’m in the process of adding photos and detailed tech specs of these parts)

  • Pleated Prefilters (5 and 20 micron) $10ea
  • Carbon Block Activated Carbon Filter $10ea
  • Dow Filmtec SW30-2540 RO Membrane $220
  • RO Membrane Scale Cleaning Cartridge $30
  • RO Membrane Organics Cleaning Cartridge $30
  • Sodium Metabisulfite Pickling Reagent (5lbs) $25
  • General Pump Valve Rebuild Kit $100
  • General Pump Packing Rebuild Kit $115
  • Hand Held TDS Meter $25