Tartan 37 Water Maker Installation

When I heard one of our water maker clients was making a stop over in Morro Bay, of course we had to have some cockpit drinks with them and snap a few photos of their SeaMaker 30 water maker installation.  I have to admit that Lewis on SV Eleutheria did an installation job that puts some professional boat yard installations to shame.  The happy crew is on their way to Mexico and their great use of space on their 37ft boat allowed them to install a 30 gallon per hour water maker without giving up much storage space.  They will be powering their water maker using the trusty Honda UE2000i generator and at $900 with free shipping over the internet  for the Honda, I wouldn’t want to go cruising without one!

Here’s a shot of the beautiful cruise ready boat on a Morro Bay mooring ball.


Where do put the control panel?  How about making use of some wasted space behind the campanion way ladder?

Small boat watermaker installation Tartan 37


The 5 and 20 micron prefilters and Valving and Cleaning assembly are both mounted on the starboard cockpit locker forward bulkhead.

Sailboat watermaker prefilters mounting location



The High Pressure pump and motor are mounted on a shelf in the starboard cockpit locker and you can see the RO Pressure Vessels mounted up high in the cockpit coaming.

Sailboat watermaker high pressure pump mounting location

A favorite mounting location of mine for the RO Pressure Vessels is tucked up in the cockpit coaming.  It’s typically wasted space so you don’t lose valuable storage space.  Notice how nicely Keith tabbed the fiberglass mounting feet of the pressure vessels right to the hull.  Nice and clean installation.

Sailboat water maker pressure vessels