I bought and installed a Cool Blue System on my CSY 33 Cutter, “Rhapsody”. To say I am pleased with the Cool Blue would be an understatement: It has run flawlessly for 9300 hours.

Not only do we enjoy the daily cold beers, but we can be on the hook in the Exumas with rock-hard ice cream in the freezer thanks to the solar panels and the efficient Cool Blue system. Power consumption can range from 18 amp-hours per day in the Florida winter to 50 to 60 amp-hours in the tropics keeping fridge and freezer at low temps. (Have recorded -22 Centigrade in the freezer).

I converted the stock ice-boxes in the CSY 33 to a spill-over fridge/freezer system with 6 cubic feet in the fridge and 3 in the freezer by adding insulation to the inside of the boxes and building shelves, etc..

Also installed the optional 2.5″ holding plate and added a couple of 3″ computer case fans to cool the compressor compartment and added an hour-meter to keep track of the usage.

Again, I am very pleased with the Cool Blue machine and I keep recommanding it to every cruiser I run across.

Having earned my bread as a Yacht Captain and a Merchant Marine sailor, I am quite familiar with boats and equipment and such. Your product and customer support is top notch.

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