When we refit Slip Away six years ago we installed a new refrigeration system. Based on the results of the Seven Seas Cruising Association’s Equipment Survey, we chose the Technautics Cool Blue system. It is the only major piece of equipment that we installed on the boat that has NOT broken in the last 14,000+ miles! It just works.

It is a 12VDC holding plate system. Their advertised amp consumption is pretty much on the money with a properly insulated box (I think it was 24 amp-hours daily – about half the competing product’s specs). I was suspicious of that since it was so low, but even in the heat of El Salvador it only drew 30-35 amp-hours. It is also air cooled, so does not bring seawater on board for cooling, which I like. I hate things that can possibly pump seawater into the boat if they break – especially if I leave them on when I’m off the boat. I was a little concerned about the unit’s efficiency in the tropics, but it has not been a problem throughout Mexico, Central America and Panama. We’ve also left the boat for 5 weeks at a time while traveling inland and returned to cold beer and fully charged batteries (with 2 120 watt solar panels).

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