We are writing to express our appreciation for your great product, the Technautics CoolBlue Refrigeration System.

We purchased a 1978 Islander Freeport sailboat in 2001 and completely refit her to go cruising. We chose the CoolBlue refrigeration system and installed it in early 2004. We purchased separate compressors for refer and freezer, and the installation was as advertised – very easy.

We purchased and installed many new products in the refit of our boat, and we had failures with many of those new items. The CoolBlue refrigeration was the exception. We live on our boat full time, have cruised through some hot climates in Mexico and Central America, and our refrigeration has operated with no problems.

The compressors run a bit more often in the tropics than in cooler weather, but the amps drawn are still reasonable and generally seem to be less than used by cruisers with other systems. In El Salvador, we left our boat on a mooring buoy (no shore power) to do some inland travel. We shut down the freezer, but left our refrigerator running. We were gone for five weeks, and our two 120 watt solar panels easily kept up with the refrigeration’s draw on the batteries.

For anyone looking to purchase a refrigeration system for their boat, we would highly recommend the CoolBlue System from Technautics. We would be happy to serve as a reference for you, your company, and your product.

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