Dear Randy,

You called me about 3 months after I had purchased our Cool Blue system for our Valiant 40. At that time I hadn’t installed it yet. I knew that I was heading into a total refit winter of work. I kept putting off installing the refrigeration because I thought it would be alot of work. I was wrong. It was easy to install.
The only problem was the copper lines. They weren’t long enough for the location that I had in mind. I returned the 12 foot lines in exchange for 20 foot ones. They were the perfect length. Didn’t have to coil them at all. I removed the old plates and installed the single large Cool Blue one. I was sceptical as to whether this one plate could do the job of the 4 plates I took out. From the moment i turned it on it worked perfectly!! On a dial setting of 7, I run it at about 3. It freezes very well.

We make ice every 12 hours in the freezer. It works better than I had ever dreamed. We installed a link1000 system to monitor our 12 volt usage and the Cool Blue uses less energy then our old Adler Barbour Super Cool unit. Cool faster and uses less. WOW! I am a believer. I have recommended this system to anyone that asks me about refrigeration.

Thanks for all your help. Technautics is a great company to deal with and the system is great.

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