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After much deliberation, I decided to purchase a Cool Blue 12 volt, air cooled, holding plate refrigeration system from Technautics. The Cool Blue system is a new product that was released in October of last year. The system is advertised as taking 2-4 hours to install, claims it will use 21 amps per day in a 6 cu ft box, and includes a 5 year warrenty. It comes from the factory charged with 134 but can also run on R12. I was able to remove the old Adler Barbour system, rewire and install the new system in less than 8 hours and the rewiring took nearly 2 hours. The compressor unit is compact, easy to recharge and fit into the same area as Adler Barbour with no modifications. The deminsions of the compressor unit are 1 Ox12x1 0 high. They have a few variations of holding plate sizes that should allow installation in any ice box. I sent Randy, the owner of Technautics, a drawing of my ice box and my proposed installation. He reviewed and suggested I use a 22x13x1″ thick plate. I only had one problem, I only had 21 inches of room. He said they could configure the plate and copper feed lines to be 21″. It fit perfectly! I was very impressed with the quality of workmanship in the manufacturing of the holding plate. Randy was also extremly helpful in assisting in the design of the system and answering any questions I had about installation. That evening, I turned the system on to a medium setting and by morning most everything in the box was frozen. My installation included making a separate insulated freezer box within the ice box and installing custom shelving from the local plastics fabricator. This proved to be far more time consuming than the installation of the system and I’m still not quite done with the shelving. The ice box in the V37 is slightly less than 6 cu. ft. The new freezer section is approximately 1.5 cu ft. which is very large and easily accomodates ice trays and a week or 2 worth of frozen food. The insulated dividing wall was obtained from Technautics and has a covered opening that allows adjustment of how much cold air “spills over” to keep the refrigerator portion cool. In my box the Adler Barbour evaporator wasted a large portion of the usable space in the box. It just didn’t fit well. The cold plate wi~h the new system only protudes 1.5″ from the wall. This in combination with the plastic shelves has nearly doubled the usable space in the box! Although I have not yet connected a meter to acurately determine the number of amp hours used per day. It appears to be using less than 40 amps per day which is a significant improvement over the previous system. It should be noted that I keep pulling everything out of the box to keep installing my plastic shelving, so I have not really had an opportunity to let the box “stabilize” and get a good feel for the amount of energy used. I anticipate that once I complete the shelving the amp hours used will drop further. I will report back on amp used after completing the shelving. To say that I am pleased with the system, would be an understatement!! The system is performing very well. Everything placed in the freezer is frozen solid, the temperature in the freezer seems to stay right around 10 degrees. The spillover system is keeping the refrigeration portion at approximately 40 degrees with the spillover opening shut. would highly recommend anyone considering replacing or adding refrigeration to take a good look at this system ! I am not in any way affiliated with Technautics and only pass this information to the list based on my personal experience. For more information Technautics has a web site at www.technauticsinc.com

P.S. I almost forgot the most important thing!!! I now have solidly frozen ice cream!!!!!!!

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