After a few years of cruising with a low output 12v DC water maker, Mark decided it was time to upgrade to a 120v AC high output water and chose our SM30. Mark confirmed our premise that cruisers with 12v DC low volume water makers often need to run their generators to have enough battery power to run them for enough time to meet their fresh water needs. Once you have to run an AC 120V generator to power a low output 12v DC water maker, it just makes sense by the numbers to make as much water as possible per hour using 120v AC. Not only is our 30 gallon per hour water maker less expensive than a 8 GPH 12v DC water maker to purchase, now you can make water every few days rather than needing to make water daily to keep up with showers and a more comfortable level of water usage that as we say, “lets you go Cruising rather than Camping”.

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