Rich, you have been the best. These are poor words for the help that I’ve received, but thank you. You might as well have been leaning over my shoulder the whole time, giving me a pat of confidence and good advice. I think that if you had been able, you would have reached through Skype to hold a wrench or point to a connector.

Ours is not a large boat, so every cubic centimeter of space was already filled with useful gear. We had to re-purpose a single hanging locker for the installation, requiring that the installation be very compact. Never the less, we were able to accomplish the task. Within twenty minutes of first startup, we had 23.5 gallons/hour at 159 TDS of good freshwater filling our water tanks. It was an impressive display of engineering.

With great enthusiasm I recommend Cruise RO water makers to anyone. They can be installed by almost anyone with some tools and the willingness to try. Rich is there for all of the questions that might arise and are not covered in the manual.

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