Rich and the Cruise RO team,

I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we produced well over 500 gallons of water at this point. We have been running the system about every 6 days and running fresh though it every 3 when possible. The controls make it very easy to manage and I hope ensure a long life for our new pet membranes. When UPS dropped off the pile of boxes at the marina that filled the dinghy we laughed and asked what have I gotten us into this time. But once it was all unpacked and we started following the labels one connection at a time it all started to make sense. We finished the install in four evenings during our Week of Four Mega-projects, the hardest part was mounting the high pressure pump. The press-fit plumbing made it very easy plumb in less then an hour after all the units were mounted. Thanks you for including the pile of 90 degree connectors as we used every single one provided. Just to let you know we have already made a simple modification to the system that allows us to collect the brine water for making sea salt, since its already nicely filtered. We’ve enjoyed the liberation from the high water prices of the Bahamas and Caribbean, and am looking forward to the independence has brought to make our upcoming long passages in the Pacific possible.

Thank you again for an easy install, we’re looking forward to working with you in the future for upgrades and supplies.

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