We first read about Cruise RO Water on Rich’s, owner of Cruise RO Water and Power, cruising blog and we later met him at the Seattle boat show. We liked the idea of buying from a small company whose owners are also cruisers. Cruise RO Water takes good care of their clients and they make thoughtful choices in the parts that go into their systems. Verena and I were also lucky enough to get the grand tour of the impressive R&D room at Cruise RO Water by Rich’s business partner Charles, who took great care to answer all of our questions about the system and what to look out for during the installation.

Our decision to purchase a water maker paid dividends on our first week away from the dock. We stopped in Turtle Bay, Mexico, which is literally a desert. We went into town and met the folks anchored next to us. They were rather grim telling us all about the town and the only open restaurant. Then they mentioned how they had tried in vain to find a hot shower. They were told the entire town was on water rations and no showers were being offered. We saw them later at the dinghy dock with 5 liter jugs of water that the guys at the fuel dock were kind enough to truck for them from the grocery store.

The Cruise RO Water system is very simple to operate. We purchased the SeaMaker 20 water maker and run it from our our Honda generator. During operation we keep the generator on the swim step. It takes only a few twists and turns of the valves to get the system up and running. The weekly process of filling the water tank usually takes 3 to 4 hours. With that we get a better quality of water (lower TDS) than the bottled water we had purchased from the store.

We finally pulled into Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with a full tank of water and us freshly showered ready to hit the town. We are very happy with our purchase and equally grateful to the guys at Cruise RO Water. They helped us out every step of the way, from making the right decision on the model to advising us on final installation and troubleshooting. The Cruise RO Water team usually replied to our emails within hours and had fast courteous responses that were accurate and easy to understand.

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