Water Maker Hose Run Lengths



A benefit of a modular sailboat watermaker is that the individual water maker modules can be mounted as far apart or as close together on your boat as space dictates (I’m assuming you don’t have a 300ft Mega Yacht and want to spread the Modules from stern to bow).  A plumbing run of 10 feet between the modules will not have a negative effect on system performance.  We oversized the sea water boost pump to supply the high pressure pump, which makes sure your high pressure pump gets plenty of sea water flow.


All SeaMaker water makers come standard with 30ft of low pressure sea water inlet connection tubing, 30ft of low pressure brine discharge tubing and 30ft of low pressure fresh drinking water tubing.  For the high presure connections on the water maker, we provide a 3ft and 5ft high pressure hoses to connect high pressure pump to the RO membrane pressure vessel assembly and then to the remote panel.  Although we have found that most water maker installation can use these standard high pressure hose lenghts, we can supply two 30ft high pressure hoses without a loss in system performance.