Water Maker Installation: 1997 Hunter 40.5

SV Gypsy Wind a 1997 Hunter 40.5 all ready to head South to Mexico and Beyond on the 2013 Baja Ha-Ha Cruisers Rally

The bulk of the water maker is installed in a hanging locker.  High Pressure Pump, prefilters, and the valving and cleaning assembly.  To save space, the two 3-way valves were removed from the Activated Carbon filter and mounted remotely.  A nice easy idea.


Remote panel mounted outside the locker.  Most of our panels come with switches for the Hp and Boost pumps, so this panel is not standard.


Due to space limitations, the client could not use our standard 40″ (SW30-2540) RO Membrane, so we used a 21″ x 4″ Membrane to save space.  These SM30-4021 Membranes are more expensive and have flow limitations to consider but with  large enough Hp Pump they can be a good solution for a tight installation