Welcome to the Cruise RO Water Maker Blog

Greetings from the chart table of SV THIRD DAY, our Hudson Force 50 sailboat that serves as our family home and the central California sales and service center for Cruise RO Water and Power.  My floating office worked while we were cruising Mexico and since we love living aboard we have no plans to move ashore, besides that would be just too normal for us! My business partner Charlie Hammel builds and ships our water makers and power products out of our San Diego, California office but thanks to modern technology and GotoMyPC, I manage the sales and technical support and service remotely.


We receive so many questions by email, phone, Skype and in person during our boat show appearances about how water makers work, that I decided to use a Blog format as a way to share our knowledge and experience in a way that will hopefully demystify the “black magic mystery” of water makers.  Four years of cruising Mexico with our family of four, not only helped us gain some real world knowledge about the role of water makers on a cruising boat, but also helps us to bust some of the mystery and “Cruise Rumors” passed along by all the “dock experts”.


So if you have water maker question, please post them using the “Contact Us” blog feature and we will address your questions in a refreshingly upfront way.  If you want to know more about our line of high output water makers, just shoot me an email at Rich@CruiseROWater.com and I will be happy to send you a copy of our water maker manuals to review.