Why Choose CoolBlue

In a world where everyone claims to be the best, it’s just not enough to say that our CoolBlue system is the lowest power usage marine refrigeration system on the market. We need to back our claim up with technical explanations and real life testing data.

Below are two 24hr charts showing the box temperature for our CoolBlue holding plate units utilizing an expansion valve compared to the competition that is using a critical orifice and evaporation plate with no hold-over capacity. The data shows that the CoolBlue unit cycled on only 4 times in the 24hr period to maintain the box temperature, while the evaporation plate unit cycled on over 160 times!

All those extra compressor starts in addition to adding wear and tear to the system, contributes to the critical orifice evaporation plate system’s increased daily power usage. Unlike a holding plate that continues to remove heat from the box even when the compressor is off, an evaporator plate is only “cold” (or removing heat) when the compressor is on.

I have more test data that I’m summarizing and planning on getting up on the site.

24hr Temp Chart for the CoolBlue System

24hr Temp Chart for the evaporation plate critical orifice system