With Marine Watermakers: Size Matters

I will be the first to stand up and say that I LOVE my job. Where else would I get to work from the lower salon of my sail boat from whereever I am and talk cruising and watermakers with friends and clients.  But I will also admit that my work schedule is more of a lifestyle than a Job.  The 7 day a week work schedule does sometimes wear me down.  Then an email comes in from a client and makes all the hard work, late night emails and Saturday client communications worth it!  Sure it may be considered bragging when you share a favorable client water maker email, but the truth is we all like to get a pat on the back from time to time to help keep us smiling at 11PM while working on a Friday night!


“I commend you for your commitment to your product and your customers.  I had intended on getting a 12 volt watermaker system until talking with you at the boat show. I have never regretted getting an AC system. Many friends run their 12 volt units for several hours to fill the tank, while monitoring/augmenting battery amps. That is a lot of wear on the components for a little water. One friend recently missed an outing with friends in the San Blas Islands because he had to stay aboard and run his 8 GPH DC watermaker for several hours to fill his tanks. We did a passage with them, and it seemed that the sound of the watermaker was nearly constant during daylight hours, while underway. I never run mine for more than an hour, getting the amps from the main engine, my Honda generator, or shore power.  I have made more than 1000 gallons of water so far, with only 37 hours of run time.”

Lane Scott
La Paz, Mexico
SV Adesso