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About Us

In 2007, one of Cruise RO Water’s founders Rich Boren was outfitting his 1978 Pearson 365 Ketch “THIRD DAY” for extended cruising with his wife and two children and started shopping for a water maker. Being in the water business working with RO systems, the cost and complexity of the commercially available water makers spurred Rich to build his own 50 gallon per hour water maker.

Throughout his families cruise, his high output system was not only one of the largest in the cruising sailboat fleet, but also one of the most trouble free systems due to it’s simple, efficient design and use of high quality components. Word travels fast through the cruiser’s coconut telegraph and soon both current cruisers and cruisers in planning began contacting Rich, asking if he would assist them in building their own high output water maker.

Sensing a market for a reasonably priced high output water maker without all the electronic controls that only drive up the price and decrease the reliability, Rich contacted Charlie Hammel, his longstanding business partner in San Diego with over 20 years of experience in industrial equipment installation and design and Cruise RO Water was formed. Charlie’s experience with Sea Water RO goes back to the early days of RO technology that was used to produce salt free water for injecting into the gas fired turbines on California’s off shore oil platforms to control Nitrous Oxide emissions.

With Charlie in San Diego building and shipping the units and Rich now back from his 4 year Mexican family cruise, the real world product testing of SeaMaker 30 Serial No 001 continues. Rich lives with his family on their boat, a Hudson Force 50, with his wife and two kids in Morro Bay, California. Living on a mooring ball without the luxuries of shore power and dock water keeps constant demand on his power and water making capabilities.

You can follow the crew of THIRD DAY at their blog.