Quality Marine Refrigeration Systems

A crucial ship component is the marine refrigeration system, which maintains optimal conditions for food, drinks, cargo, and waste. It is vital to uphold the well-being of passengers and crew by ensuring proper food and beverage storage maintenance. Additionally, given their primary role in safeguarding cargo quality during transport, cargo ships often require top-notch marine refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Coolblue Marine Refrigeration

system evaporator

System Evaporator

The System Evaporator is a critical component within the Coolblue Refrigeration system. This integral part ensures efficient and reliable refrigeration performance, contributing to the overall functionality of the marine refrigeration system.

Cooling System

Cooling System

Coolblue Marine Refrigeration incorporates an advanced Cooling System designed to meet the diverse needs of vessels at sea. This system regulates the temperature of perishable goods and contributes to the overall climate control on board.

Custom System

Custom System

For specialized requirements and unique challenges, Coolblue offers a Custom System tailored to the specific needs of individual vessels. With flexibility and precision, Coolblue's Custom System sets a new standard for marine refrigeration customization.

Frigomar USA

AC Systems

AC Systems

Frigomar USA stands at the forefront of marine climate control with its state-of-the-art AC Systems. Designed to provide comfort and optimal climate conditions on board, these systems are engineered with cutting-edge technology to meet the unique challenges of marine environments.

boat refrigeration

Boat Refrigeration Systems

With a commitment to innovation and reliability, Frigomar's Boat Refrigeration Systems are equipped with advanced features, ensuring that maritime refrigeration needs are met seamlessly. Whether on a small yacht or a larger vessel, Frigomar's solutions provide efficient cooling solutions for maritime applications.

Frigomar ice makers for sale

Boat Refrigeration Systems

Frigomar's Ice Making Systems are built with durability and performance in mind, ensuring a consistent and accessible source of ice for various marine applications. Whether for leisure or commercial purposes, these systems contribute to the overall functionality of vessels, enhancing the onboard experience for all.

What Our Customers Are Saying


With sailing experience and industrial manufacturing expertise, we grasp your cruiser’s necessities. Our RO system reviews indicate that we have the know-how to fulfill your needs.


We offer a range of top-tier products. From boat refrigerator systems to our very own CruiseRO watermakers, our product selection can elevate your maritime experience with our high-quality solutions.


Access to drinking water on board is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Our cost-effective systems feature non-proprietary components, minimizing upfront and replacement expenses.


At CruiseRO, we create custom systems that seamlessly adapt to your unique requirements, ensuring a personalized onboard water supply that perfectly suits your journey.


Why Choose Cruise RO Water and Power?

“Of all the machinery I have on my boat, SUNDANCE, your fridge has been trouble free for the three years I have had the boat. If all my machinery worked as well, there would be a lot of mechanics out of work. Thanks for a great product.”
– Cliff Hagerman
“Before the old compressor stopped working, it was drawing 10-12 amps. To our delight and surprise, the new one only draws 3.5 amps. The solar panels stay well ahead of it, and it’s been on for 3 months. Cold beer and ice cubes while anchored in Tenacatita Mexico! “
– Carl & Robinn
“Technautics, after trying several brands of cold plates with no satisfaction, we purchased a Technautics Coastal coldplate from West Marine. We cruised the Bahamas and the east coast of the U.S. last year in out Hardin 45 with no refrigeration problems.”
– Steve & Val Papkey

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