RO System Reviews

At CruiseRO Water, we proudly offer high-quality, innovative, and custom solutions for every and any kind of cruiser out there. As cruisers ourselves, we understand the need to have a powerful reverse osmosis water filtration system available. Especially in order to meet your clean water production needs but also one that adapts to your specific application and type of vessel. 

We combine our experience in cruising life and knowledge of industrial design and installation. As a result, we have developed some of the top-rated reverse osmosis systems on the market. Check out our customer’s reviews on our RO systems.

RO system reviews

What Cruisers Have to Say about CruiseRO’s Water Markers

Rich and Charlie use industry standard parts, know what they’re doing, and don’t try to rip you off on the price. The new membranes fit exactly where the old ones were and with the new vessel, metal end caps, and two new hoses there are no leaks! A first for our system. And with the true 40″ membranes we’re getting 40 gallons per hour water production. An increase of 8 gallons per hour over the old system.
Frank & Linda
The water maker installation was pretty much by the book, and questions were quickly resolved by the Cruise RO Water team. The water production rate is beyond the advertised value and the water quality seems excellent. The system is simple and straightforward to operate and maintain. The system’s simplicity augments its reliability and serviceability affording good purchase price value.
Marvin Sachse
After a few years of cruising with a low output 12v DC water maker, Mark decided it was time to upgrade to a 120v AC high output water and chose our SM30. Not only is our 30 gallon per hour water maker less expensive than a 8 GPH 12v DC water maker to purchase, now you can make water every few days rather than needing to make water daily to keep up with showers and a more comfortable level of water usage that as we say, “lets you go Cruising rather than Camping”
Mike & Michele
I commend you for your commitment to your product and your customers. I have never regretted getting an AC system after talking to you. Many friends run their 12 volt units for several hours to fill the tank, while monitoring/augmenting battery amps. That is a lot of wear on the components for a little water. I never run mine for more than an hour, getting the amps from the main engine, my Honda generator, or shorepower. I have made more than 1000 gallons of water so far, with only 37 hours of run time.
Lane Scott
I want to thank you for all your help with my Cruise RO Water SeaMaker 20 water maker. We assumed our only option was a 12v water maker but they were more expensive and could only produce a disappointing 6-8 gallons. We determined that with a 2000 watt inverter we could make water while underway and with the little Honda 2000 genset we had ample power to make water at anchor. I had always heard that watermakers were a pain to maintain and operate but with easy to read well laid out instructions it is a breeze. I love my water maker and the 21 gal per hour that it actually produces fills my tanks quickly with the best water I have ever tasted.
Nick Chiappini
I cannot say enough about CruiseRO and the customer service they provide. I installed a sea maker 40 in my Jeanneau 54DS and upon startup I noticed I had a feed problem to the high pressure pump. I contacted Charlie, and he built a mockup of my system to discover I needed a larger output low pressure feed pump and 3/4″ feed lines. He tested it before shipping, then sent an overnight package with everything needed and labeled as to where it was to be installed in the system. After two hours I was making water. This is one incredible company.
My wife Linda and I live full time on our Leopard 47 and determined that our 12-volt water maker did not meet our water usage. I began researching water makers for price effective larger systems and after searching for several months, I determined that Cruise RO Water provided the best price performance systems. When I contacted the Cruise RO Water team to discuss some custom configurations, they were very responsive and helpful. They worked well with me in arranging the shipment of the system to the Caribbean where I installed it on Kool Kat. All of my emails and telephone calls with technical questions were promptly returned with good, clear answers. I am very pleased that I chose Cruise RO Water to provide our new system. We now have all of the water we want and have even installed a washing machine. I would recommend this product to other cruisers. Thank you, Rich and Charlie, for all of your assistance during the process. It was a pleasure working with you.
John & Linda
I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we produced well over 500 gallons of water at this point. We have been running the system about every 6 days and running fresh though it every 3 when possible. The controls make it very easy to manage and I hope ensure a long life for our new pet membranes. When UPS dropped off the pile of boxes at the marina that filled the dinghy we laughed and asked what have I gotten us into this time. But once it was all unpacked and we started following the labels one connection at a time it all started to make sense. We finished the install in four evenings during our Week of Four Mega-projects, the hardest part was mounting the high pressure pump. The press-fit plumbing made it very easy plumb in less then an hour after all the units were mounted. Thanks you for including the pile of 90 degree connectors as we used every single one provided. We are looking forward to the independence it has brought to make our upcoming long passages in the Pacific possible.
Keath & Mikiko
We first read about Cruise RO Water on Rich’s, owner of Cruise RO Water and Power, cruising blog and we later met him at the Seattle boat show. We liked the idea of buying from a small company whose owners are also cruisers. Cruise RO Water takes good care of their clients and they make thoughtful choices in the parts that go into their systems. Verena and I were also lucky enough to get the grand tour of the impressive R&D room at Cruise RO Water by Rich’s business partner Charles, who took great care to answer all of our questions about the system and what to look out for during the installation. The Cruise RO Water system is very simple to operate. We purchased the SeaMaker 20 water maker and run it from our our Honda generator. During operation we keep the generator on the swim step. It takes only a few twists and turns of the valves to get the system up and running. The weekly process of filling the water tank usually takes 3 to 4 hours. With that we get a better quality of water (lower TDS) than the bottled water we had purchased from the store.
Mike & Verena
We didn’t leave the dock with a watermaker, we quickly learned that having one meant the difference between camping and a more comfortable life aboard. The greatest feature of having a Cruise RO watermaker is independence from constantly running it. Producing 20 GPH means that we run the watermaker for about two to three hours, twice a week. If we had a 12-volt watermaker, we’d need to run it four to five hours at least four times a week just to keep up with usage, let alone stockpile.
Matt & Christie
Rich, you have been the best. You might as well have been leaning over my shoulder the whole time, giving me a pat of confidence and good advice. We had to re-purpose a single hanging locker for the installation, requiring that the installation be very compact. Within twenty minutes of first startup, we had 23.5 gallons/hour at 159 TDS of good freshwater filling our water tanks. It was an impressive display of engineering. With great enthusiasm I recommend Cruise RO water makers to anyone.
William Ennis
The SeaMaker 20 is a water maker that will make 20 gallons Per Hour, and is designed to run off of our Honda generator. And is $1000 less than the Village Little Wonder that we currently have [and are replacing]. We have found that we are running the Honda pretty much every time we make water, so why not make 4 times as much water, use 25% of the gasoline, and listen to generator running (even if the Honda is incredibly quiet) way less! The SeaMaker 20 was exactly what we are looking for.
Tom Brown
Top-rated reverse osmosis system for cruise ships.

High-Quality Equipment Made Just for You

Make your sailing trips more enjoyable by having everything you need on board. Take advantage of that vast amount of water around you, and don’t worry about water scarcity. With CruiseRO’s water makers, you’ll get as much drinkable water as you and your crew need. No matter how long your voyage is, how many people there’s on board, or your vessel type, at CruiseRO, we have a solution for you.

We offer a wide selection of top-rated reverse osmosis systems that fit your water product needs, space availability, and vessel type. Moreover, if you’re looking for a tailor-made solution, we also offer custom water makers. We work with your very own water maker parts to design a brand-new system from scratch or upgrade your current one.

Why Choose CruiseRO Water and Power?


With sailing experience and industrial manufacturing expertise, we grasp your cruiser’s necessities. As our RO system reviews indicate, we have the know-how to fulfill your needs.


We offer a range of top-tier products. From boat refrigerator systems to our very own CruiseRO watermakers, our product selection can elevate your maritime experience with our high-quality solutions.


Access to drinking water on board is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Our cost-effective systems feature non-proprietary components, minimizing upfront and replacement expenses.


At CruiseRO Water, we also create custom systems that seamlessly adapt to your unique requirements, ensuring a personalized onboard water supply that perfectly suits your journey.

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