Simple Water Makers: Efficient Desalination Systems

The SeaMaker Simple Water Makers lower the cost of our standard desalination systems by doing away with the remote panel and mounting the necessary water maker controls right on the end of the RO Pressure Vessel. In fact, this Simple Water Maker is the exact desalination device configuration that Rich, the owner of Cruise RO Water and Power, has been cruising with for over 7 years.

Our simple desalination systems allow for large-scale water treatment at a lower cost, ensuring you never have a clean water shortage in your boat, yacht, or cruiser. However, Simple Water Maker models ARE NOT lower-quality versions of our standard desalination devices. The cost savings DOES NOT come from using lower quality components, removing the industry-leading customer service or warranty, and we don’t compromise on using top quality parts.

Complete Simple Water Maker

Please note that there is no remote panel, and the controls will need to be mounted right on the end of the Pressure Vessel.



Our most popular desalination system models are listed below

ModelFresh Water Prod.
High Pressure Pump Amps 115VAC/220VACBoost Pump Amps 12VDC, 24VDC or 48VDCPrice

Advantages of the SeaMaker Simple Water Maker

It’s Simplified. As the name implies, the desalination system plumbing is “simplified” with fewer high-pressure stainless fittings and high-pressure hoses, which helps explain the cost savings. 

Simplicity also helps to make installing these desalination plants easier without the extra low and high-pressure lines running to and from the remote panel. You don’t have to find a place to mount the remote panel or cut another hole in your boat (always a plus). And, of course, you get to save $395 for beer and tacos south of the border.

Challenges with the SeaMaker Simple Water Maker version

You will need to access it every time you start and stop the desalination device. Since we mount the system controls on the end of the RO Pressure Vessel, you will need to access it every time you start and stop the water maker to adjust the desalination system pressure.

The additional cost of the remote panel may save your marriage and cruise if you plan to bury the RO Pressure Vessel in an area that is inaccessible. This also includes spots such as under the salon seat where the admiral will kill you for tearing apart each time you need to access her showers

If you have a spot to mount the RO Pressure Vessel that allows for easy access to the water maker controls, you could have made it past the compromise one.

You won’t have a flow meter. This means giving up the ability to glance at your desalination device panel and see how many gallons of fresh, clean water per minute you are producing. This is because you won’t have a flow meter (or at least the one we supply on the remote panel). 

Not having a flow meter kills the deal for a lot of the “techy-monitor-guys”. Especially those who love to watch the flow meter float bounce at 35 GPH on their 30 GPH water maker and feel like they got a bonus 5 GPH. But for the captains that can happily use a 5-gallon bucket and stopwatch to calculate their drinking water production, not having the panel-mounted flow meter is livable.

Lack of on/off boost pump and high-pressure pump switches. We still include the nonblocking 3-way valve that routes the product water to either your sample location or your ship’s tank in the SeaMaker Simple Water Maker. However, you will not have the on/off boost pump and high pressure pump switches. Since you will need to supply breakers for these two pumps even with the remote panel, you can just use your breakers to turn the two pumps on and off.

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