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What Does a Reverse Osmosis System Do?

Imagine you want to take a long boat trip. You hope to be out for weeks, but this is tricky because you’ll need many supplies. Using so much of your precious cargo space for distilled water is frustrating. Especially considering an endless water source around you surrounds you. 

But, can you make salt water fresh water? And most importantly, how do you make salt water drinkable? The solution is to buy a water maker and bring it along.

How Do RO Systems Make Saltwater Drinkable?


By definition, a water maker is a device used to obtain drinking water from seawater. The process to remove salt from water is called reverse osmosis. Water makers remove salt and other contaminants from seawater and brackish water. As a result, they produce a continuous desalinated seawater supply that is safe to drink

Not only do reverse osmosis systems solve the dilemma of making saltwater freshwater, but they are very convenient. These devices can be quite valuable to have on board because they reduce the need for large water tanks for a long passage.

Cruisers can produce 20 or 30 gallons of desalinated water per hour with the right setup. This changes everything! You can now enjoy daily showers, a freshwater deck, gear wash-downs at anchor, and freshwater flushing heads. The solution to how to make saltwater drinkable used to be enjoyed by the mega-yacht crowd only. It is now available to the average cruiser.

The Steps for Salt Water To Become Freshwater

reverse osmosis process diagram

There are five steps in making saltwater good to drink:

  1. Pre-filtration: This step removes larger particles and debris from the seawater.
  2. High-pressure pump: A pump pushes the seawater through a semipermeable membrane, leaving pure freshwater behind.
  3. Semipermeable membrane: Then, the semipermeable membrane separates saltwater into fresh drinking water and concentrated brine.
  4. Post-filtration: The polishing filter removes any remaining impurities, producing a clean water supply.
  5. Storage: The treated water is then stored in a tank ready for use.

Equip Your Boat and Ensure Potable Water for Every Trip

According to Yachting World, water makers consistently make the top three on the wishlist of long-distance cruisers. In their Atlantic Gear Surveys, a water maker is consistently rated as useful for an Atlantic crossing. Solving how to remove salt from water can make a crucial difference in comfort aboard.

Water is vital for a long trip but weighs a tremendous amount. Also, large-scale tankage can take up much space, especially aboard a smaller cruising boat. This doesn’t mention the cost of constantly topping off your tank, especially at a foreign port. The solution is clear- shop water makers online before you leave!

This product is too important to order from a faceless corporation like Amazon or eBay. You want to order water makers from a trustworthy company to help you out every step of the way. That is Cruise RO Water and Power

Being cruisers, we understand the challenges of powering a large-capacity water maker aboard a cruising vessel. This is why we developed the revolutionary SeaMaker 20 and 30-gallon-per-hour water makers. These operate on the power produced by a cruising staple, the Honda EU2000i generator or small diesel genset. 

Explore our products and contact us today to reap the benefits of reverse osmosis technology. You can email or call us, and you’ll talk to the owners and designers of the company, Rich and Charlie. We are available seven days a week to help you with your purchase and answer any questions. If Rich and Charlie are awake, they answer!

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