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Can You Drink Seawater? The Process to Make It Potable

We know that 70% of the world is covered in water. The only issue is that only 2.5% of that water can be consumed. Everything else is salt water. Exploring the vast outdoor can have risks, and even the most experienced sailor might become stranded and left at the whim of the weather without a running water supply. 

What follows, then? Despite being surrounded by water, you cannot consume any of it. Access to drinkable water is a matter of life or death because it is essential for human survival on a par with breathing air.

If you’ve ever swallowed water while taking a swim in the ocean, you’ll understand why it’s the last thing you want to do. In addition to having a bad taste, the salty liquid is hazardous to people.

This fact begs the question, “Can you boil seawater to make it drinkable?” This article’s goal is to examine the methods for making saltwater drinkable.

Can You Boil Salt Water to Drink?

boil water to drink

No. Saltwater can be sterilized by boiling it, but the salt will remain. Before the water may be consumed, the salt must also be removed and heating the water won’t do this permanently. You must employ reverse osmosis or distillation technology to desalinate seawater safely.

But what of these methods can be the perfect solution for you? Let’s dive deeper into these terms:


Distillation is one of the most well-known methods for obtaining clean drinking water. The salt-free water vapor produced when boiling saltwater is safe to consume.

If the sun is your only source of heat. You can use a plastic bag or bottle over some seawater to gather the condensation drops that evaporation creates to distill water.

Reverse Osmosis

We at Cruise RO Water and Power count with a variety of water makers for your boat or yacht to convert seawater into freshwater through a process known as reverse osmosis (RO).

Reverse osmosis is a process in which seawater is pushed under high pressure through a very thin filter. The membrane has very small holes, which allow water molecules to pass through but keep salt, chemicals, and other contaminants dissolved in the water from crossing over to the other side.

Get the Advise of the Experts

You can’t make seawater drinkable simply by boiling it. To transform seawater into potable, you require the water vapor to evaporate, leaving the salts and other undesirables behind. You can also use a reverse osmosis filtration system.

Cruise RO Water and Power provides high-quality and reliable RO systems at a reasonable price without sacrificing convenient features for dependable operation and maintenance. Get in contact with us today!

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