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How to Know if You Need a Desalination System for Your Boat

Water makers provide more than enough potable water for a crew of any size. Whether you use it to drink, cook, shower, or wash your gear, the right system is a vital addition o board. 

It’s not just that. Having a desalination system on board will provide unlimited possibilities for saving money and increasing leisure time. Is it time you looked into how to desalinate water on board and purchasing water desalination system?

What is a Desalination System?

According to Wikipedia, desalination is an artificial process by which saline water (sea water) is converted to freshwater. Desalination systems remove or reduce salts from water that isn’t able to be used on board otherwise. This includes water sources such as seawater or brackish groundwater. Many of these systems for the desalination of ocean water use a reverse osmosis process.

In reverse osmosis, seawater is pumped into the desalination system from the ocean. It then passes through pretreatment filtration to remove most of the large and small particles. Next, the filtered seawater is forced under pressure through special membranes. It is here that the osmosis process that normally occurs in nature is reversed. 

The pores in the RO membranes are so tiny that salt, bacteria, viruses, and other impurities are separated from the seawater. They act like tiny microscopic strainers, cleaning the water of anything you wouldn’t want to drink or bathe in

Who Needs a Desalination System?

Whether it’s a 25-foot pleasure boat, million-dollar yacht, luxury cruise ship, or large tanker, all boats have one thing in common: they need potable water. Water desalination is a key process in the daily operations of any crew on board, ensuring drinking water resources are available

While you’re surrounded by sea water, none of it can be drunk or used for cleaning. That’s why desalination systems are important, for anyone and everyone planning to be out at sea for a while. It can help prevent water scarcity while making use of the resources around the boat.

The search for an affordable, space-efficient, and light-weight seawater desalination system is shared by anyone, no matter how large or fancy their boat is. All sailors should have a method for helping them solve how to desalinate water and ensure drinking water on board. Water is precious on all marine vessels! The need for space efficiency is balanced by the desire to: 

Reduce costs 

Maximize water production 

Minimize energy use

It takes energy to separate salt from water. In the past, desalination of ocean water was an energy-intensive process that only could be handled in a large industrial desalination plant. Thankfully for sailors today,  innovations in technology and design have made it possible to create smaller, more efficient, portable systems. Everyone benefits from this!

Order a Desalination System Online 

For your desalination system purchase, the choice is clear (just like your water!). You’re looking for a product offered to you from Cruise RO Water and Power. Our water makers offer you the highest-quality fresh water output per dollar. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact us. We strive to build and sell equipment that is easy to install, operate, service, and repair. That being said, we understand you may have questions or want more detailed information. We’d love to help you make your decision and answer your questions.

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