Schenker Smart Systems for Desalination of Ocean Water

Smart Watermakers

Cruise RO offers a light, simple, efficient and affordable solution for how to turn salt water into fresh water. The Schenker Smart units are the ideal solution for those who prefer essential systems based on single membranes. Its naked design makes the inspection and maintenance of components very simple.

Smart units for desalination of ocean water are available in four different models and capacities.   Furthermore, they are available with 3 remote control options: basic, digital, and touch. Schenker watermakers offer the possibility of producin drinkable water for crews from 1 to 8 people.


The Smart 30 water maker.

Smart 30

Smart 30 is the ideal Schenker system for desalination of ocean water for a crew of 1 to 4 people. A Smart 30 provides enough clean water for a 30-40 feet sailboat or in 25-35 feet powerboat or catamaran.

$6,770 (Smart 30) Basic Unit
$8,770 (Smart 30) Digital Unit
$9,470 (Smart 30) Touch Unit


Smart 60

Smart 60 is the reverse osmosis system ideal for a crew of 4 to 6 people. It provides a solution for how to turn salt water into fresh water in a 35-45 feet sailboat. Moreover, it can produce desalinated water in 30-40 feet powerboat or catamaran.

$8,880 (Smart 60) Basic Unit
$9,780 (Smart 60) Digital Unit
$10,580 (Smart 60) Touch Unit


Smart 80

 Smart 80 is the system for the desalination of ocean water for a crew of 6-7 people. This Schenker system can process saline water in 40-50 feet sailboat or in a 35-45 feet powerboat or catamaran.

$10,360 (Smart 80) Basic Unit
$11,360 (Smart 80) Digital Unit
$12,160 (Smart 80) Touch Unit


Smart 100

Smart 100 is the large-scale watermaker ideal for producing water supplies for a crew of 6 to 8 people. It offers a solution for how to turn salt water into fresh water in a 45 to 55 feet sailboat. Furthermore, this Schenker unit is ideal for removing salt in a 35 to 45 feet powerboat or catamaran.

$11,520 (Smart 100) Basic Unit
$12,520 (Smart 100) Digital Unit
$13,220 (Smart 100) Touch Unit

Zen technology is patented. PATENTS: IT102018000010303 EP3653583-A, EU Registered design No 005823747

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is desalination of ocean water possible?

Yes, desalination plants and watermakers are used on boats for the process of desalination of ocean water. Watermakers such as the Schenker Smart units can provide drinkable water for onboard crews of up to 8 people.

What are 3 benefits of desalination?

Desalination systems are a great solution for how to turn sea water into fresh water. They provide many benefits including:

  1. Provides accessible drinking water from the ocean, an unlimited water source. This also helps preserve limited fresh water sources.
  2. The desalination of ocean water also helps protect habitats of endangered species in fresh water reserves.

Ocean water desalination has also been proven to be an effective solution for areas with limited fresh water access.

Sunlight reflecting on ocean water.

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