Boat and Yacht Water Maker Highlights

  • The Honda EU2000i can Power the 20 or 30 Gallon per Hour Water Maker AND charges your battery at the same time!
  • Highest Quality Fresh Water Output Water Maker per Dollar
  • Lowest Maintenance Cost Water Maker with our Discounted Consumables
  • Use of Industry Standard DOW FilmTec RO Membranes with a Replacement Cost of Only $225ea
  • Industry Best Three (3) Year Warranty
  • We Carry Full Liability Insurance for Your Protection
  • Manual Operation from the Remote-Control Panel with No Electronics to Fail
  • Fully Assembled System Modules with Space Saving Modular Design for an Easy Weekend Installation
  • No Proprietary Parts and use of Industrial-Grade Components Available Worldwide
  • All Low-Pressure Connections use Double-O-ring Quick-connect fittings Requiring No Hose Clamps
  • All Water Maker Systems are Serialized to Help Identify Warranty and Any Future Components Needed
  • Only Water Maker Company to offer 7 Day a week Customer Support via Email, Phone, Text, and Skype.
  • Best Value for your Cruising Dollar! Buy our Water Maker and a Honda EU2000i Generator (Sold Separately) to power it for Thousands Less
  • Automatic Fresh Water Flushing Option Available!
  • Automatic Fresh Water Divert Option Available!


To request a copy of the SeaMaker water maker manual with technical specifications
along with detailed installation and operation instructions.
Call and talk to the owners of the Company and the Designers & Builders of the water makers
Rich and Charlie 7 Days-A-Week. If they are awake, they answer!
Rich’s Cell 619-609-3432
Phone or Text: 619-609-3432
Skype Username: CruiseROWater

SeaMaker Water Maker Model Pricing and Model Summary

ModelFresh Water Production GPH/GPD RO Membrane Number and SizeHigh Pressure Pump Power in Amps
120V/208-240V AC
Boost Pump
12V DC
SM2020/480Single 40"9.3/4.88.2$4650
SM20S20/480Single 40"9.3/4.88.2$4255
SM3030/720Dual 40"9.3/4.88.2$5550
SM30S30/720Dual 40"9.3/4.88.2$5155
SM4040/960 Dual 40"13.5/9.38.2$5900
SM25E25/600Single 40"Engine Driven5.2$4700
SM45E45/1080Dual 40"Engine Driven5.2$5850
SM20-50Hz20/480Single 40"12.8/6.4 (110-220v)8.2$4850
SM30-50Hz30/720Dual 40"12.8/6.4 (110-220v)8.2$5750
38/912Dual 40"8.2$6100
SM50Dual 40"5.2$6700
SM50-50HzDual 40"5.2$6700
SM60Triple 40"5.2$7600