Quality Marine Watermakers

Piston Generating Watermakers

The Honda EU2000i can Power the 20 or 30-gallon per-hour industrial watermaker and charge your battery simultaneously! With our discounted consumables, we have chosen the highest quality 12v marine watermaker with the lowest maintenance cost. We only use industry-standard DOW FilmTec RO membranes with a replacement cost of only $225 each. Additionally, we offer an industry-best three (3) year warranty that includes full liability insurance for your commercial watermaker’s protection.

AC Systems

20-60 GPH AC Water Maker system from Cruise RO Water and Power

AC Systems

We offer saltwater desalination systems to be powered by your A/C generator. Choose from 10 different desalination device models to fit your boat or yacht.

DC Systems

20-40 GPH DC Water Maker system from Cruise RO Water and Power

DC Systems

These saltwater desalination systems, powered by your D/C generator, come in four different models. You can choose from these four models for the best reverse osmosis system for your yacht or boat.

Simple Systems

Simple Water Maker system from Cruise RO Water and Power

Simple Systems

At Cruise RO Water & Power, we offer three different simple saltwater desalination models. Our simple systems are powered by your boat or yacht to produce desalinated water. Find the best simple system for reducing energy costs at our store.

Engine Driven Systems

Engine Driven Water Maker system from Cruise RO Water and Power

Engine Driven Systems

These systems offer simplified solutions for a lower price WITHOUT using lower-quality components. We can turn every model into a simple version, but we present our most popular ones.

Custom Systems

Custom Water Maker system from Cruise RO Water and Power

Custom Systems

At Cruise RO Water and Power, we have vast experience building custom water markers. We can also retrofit your existing system with non-proprietary parts. Our custom desalination technologies are built to suit your specific application needs.

Energy Recovery Schenker Watermakers

Schenker watermakers reduce power consumption by up to 80% compared with conventional systems that require a lot of energy. For example, this energy-efficient salt water desalination system requires just 240 Watts to produce 60 liters of drinking water. Thanks to this high efficiency, Schenker watermakers can be powered directly from service batteries without needing a generator.

Their low-pressure pump and Energy Recovery System result in quiet, vibration-free operation. In addition, CO2 emissions necessary for making fresh water are lower than 85%.

Zen Systems

The Zen 30 water maker.

The Zen models offer compact saltwater desalination solutions that can fit into tight spaces and any position. You can choose from 4 different models to find the system that fits your boat’s needs and capacities.

Smart Systems

The Smart 30 water maker.

Schenker’s Smart systems are ideal for essential systems based on single membranes. Its design makes both inspection and maintenance a simpler process. You can choose from four Smart models that offer three different control options.

Modular Systems

The Modular 35 water maker.

With seven different models to pick from, the Modular systems offer saltwater desalination solutions in a very compact design. Each model is ideal for boats of different sizes and capacities. These systems are based on split membranes.

Shop for Parts

We also offer cruisers the chance to shop for components to build their 12-volt boat watermakers. Or to upgrade their existing ones. Visit our parts shop to buy fully assembled modules or raw components. Please contact us if the element you’re looking for is not listed.

Why Choose Cruise RO Water and Power?


Experienced cruisers and industrial manufacturers craft our commercial watermakers. Our firsthand knowledge ensures the finest onboard solutions for your water production needs.


At Cruise RO Water and Power, we are committed to excellence. Offering only products we believe in, our quality assurance ensures reliability and peace of mind for every voyage.


Discover affordability without compromise at Cruise RO Water and Power. Our watermakers, crafted with no proprietary parts, deliver high quality at a price that won’t break the bank.


Experience the power of customization with Cruise RO Water and Power. Our adaptable solutions mean watermakers crafted uniquely for your boat, cruiser, yacht, or any boat you own.


Reverse osmosis is a water treatment process that filters out impurities and contaminants from seawater, making it safe for consumption. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the process:

  1. Prefiltration: Removes larger impurities to protect the semipermeable membrane.
  2. High-Pressure Pump: Forces finely filtered seawater through the membrane at up to 1000 psi pressure.
  3. Semipermeable Membrane: Allows only water molecules to pass, leaving concentrated brine.
  4. Post-Filtration: Eliminates remaining contaminants for top water quality.
  5. Storage and Distribution: Freshwater is stored and distributed throughout the vessel.

Reverse osmosis technology ensures access to safe and clean drinking water during marine journeys.

By definition, a water maker is a device used to obtain drinking water from seawater. The process to remove salt from water is called reverse osmosis. Water makers remove salt and other contaminants from seawater and brackish water. As a result, they produce a continuous desalinated seawater supply that is safe to drink. 

Not only do reverse osmosis systems solve the dilemma of making saltwater freshwater, but they are very convenient. These devices can be quite valuable to have on board because they reduce the need for large water tanks for a long passage.

Reverse osmosis is a process used to remove dissolved minerals and impurities from water from a salinated water source. It uses pressure to force water molecules through a semipermeable membrane. Desalination plants often use this process to remove salt and impurities from seawater, turning it into fresh drinking water. 

The time it takes to purify salt water to drink depends on the water maker. Some water makers can create fresh water in a few hours, while others may take more time.

The size, capacity, and other features added to the water maker also affect production time.

RO water isn’t merely safe—it’s beneficial in several ways:

  • Filtered Contaminants: Reverse osmosis is one of the most comprehensive water filtration methods. It removes lead, asbestos, and 82 other pollutants, including bacteria, viruses, nitrates, sulfates, fluoride, and arsenic. The small membranes in RO filters can even remove dissolved chemicals and minerals from the water, reducing it to its most basic molecules.
  • Better for the Environment and Safer than Bottled Water: RO is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative if you frequently rely on disposable plastic water bottles. It could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually.

Reverse osmosis water, or RO water, is purified drinking water that has become increasingly popular due to its perceived health benefits

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that eliminates many contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and chemicals. This makes RO water safe for human consumption, especially for those concerned about the health risks impurities pose in regular tap water. However, it is important to note that RO removes healthy minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which can affect water’s taste and health benefits.

Yes, RO does generate wastewater, and the amount depends on factors such as water pressure and the condition of the RO filter. A system operating below 35-40 PSI or with a worn-out valve tends to be less efficient, resulting in increased water wastage. 

However, recent advancements in membrane technology have produced more efficient RO systems, with some achieving a 1:1 ratio of permeate to concentrate production. This signifies that only one gallon of reject water is produced for each gallon of treated water.

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