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Being Cruisers ourselves, we understand the challenges of powering a large capacity water maker aboard a cruising vessel, which is why we came up with the revolutionary idea to design our SeaMaker 20 and 30 gallon per hour water makers to operate on the power produced by a cruising staple, the Honda EU2000i generator or small diesel genset. Having the ability to produce 20 or 30 gallons of fresh water per hour changes everything. Daily showers for the crew, fresh water deck and gear wash-downs while at anchor, and even a fresh water anchor chain wash-down and fresh water flushing heads are now a reality to be enjoyed not only by the Mega-yacht crowd, but by the average cruiser.


We support cruisers that want to build their own water maker as a way to save money or just because they can. In addition to providing complete water maker systems, we also sell individual water maker components for cruisers looking to build their own water maker or to retrofit and upgrade their existing water maker. Our fully assembled water maker modules can be purchased individually or we use our volume buying power to pass along savings on raw major water maker components such as: RO Membranes, RO Pressure Vessels, High Pressure Pumps, Electric Motors, Prefilter Housings, and some of the other parts that we have on our shelves that go into our units


  • 45 YEARS of Marine Refrigeration Experience SINCE 1968!
  • COOLBLUE uses 1/2 the power as other 12v Systems
  • 24AH/Day for a 7 cubic foot fridge/freezer with R-30
  • Offers the only 5-year warranty due to the robust design
  • No refrigeration technician or experience needed
  • Stainless steel holding plate resists corrosion and leaks
  • No water cooling needed even at ambient temps of 120F
  • COOLBLUE systems are pre-charged, pretested and built in Escondido, California USA.


Like fresh water, power on a cruising boat is something I’ve never heard anyone complain about having too much of, to the contrary, most of the cruising headaches revolve around a shortage of power or water! The DC Power Solutions line of high output alternators offer a smart solution to the power shortage issue at price and quality point that blows the competition out of the water.

Our High Output alternators are available in Amp sizes of 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200 and in configurations to easily fit the common Frame, Pad, and Saddle mounting options found on all the common marine diesels. The 80, 100, 120, and 140 Amp Alternators are designed to produce 70% of their output at idle RPMs, while the 160 Amp produces 60% and the180 and 200 Amp produces 50%. This design feature allows for maximum charging capacity at lower engine speeds, which is where most cruisers operate their engine for fuel economy.


We have looked and a you simply won’t find a more feature packed Battery Charger for the money, which is why we have one aboard our own boat.

These Marine Grade, Power Factor Corrected Battery Chargers set a new standard of what you should expect from your battery charger when it comes to features, performance & price. Years of experience in the battery charging industry has provided us the insight to include everything we could possibly think of and combine it all into the This exceptionally efficient power factor corrected battery charger runs on any global AC power source between 90-270 volts (freq 40- 70Hz). The unit requires less input power, liberates less waste energy and is still remarkably lightweight with a small footprin 


We have a big boat with even bigger Lewmar ST65 winches! Furling out the in-mast main and mizzen along with the huge Genoa on our Hudson Force 50 has always been a “Captain Only” job due to the strength needed. But now with the WinchRite, I can direct the action from the cockpit while my two teenage kids work the winches. Using and loving the product myself, I approached the owners of WinchRite at the Long Beach Boat Show and told them I wanted to add the WinchRite to our selection of quality cruising gear.


We can build a custom water makers to fit your specific application or we can retrofit your existing water maker with non-proprietary parts

We have the experience and expertise to build a custom water maker to suit your specific application or installation needs. We work with clients all the time who either already have some water maker parts or even a working water maker to complete or upgrade their current system. The client in the below photos was not happy with the performance or output of his Spectra water maker. Reusing some of his Spectra parts to save costs, we were able to turn his low output DC water maker into a 30 gallon per hour 120v AC high output water maker.

Questions? We Are Here To Help.

Email or call and talk to the owners of the Company and the Designers, Rich and Charlie, 7 Days-A-Week. If they are awake, they answer!