Schenker Energy Recovery Marine Water Makers

Our energy recovery desalinators for boats reduce power consumption by up to 80% compared to conventional engine-driven watermakers. For example, our energy-efficient desalinator systems only require 240 Watts to produce 60 liters of drinking water. Additionally, they generate less than 85% CO2 emissions when making potable water than other reverse osmosis systems, thanks to their low electric consumption.

Schenker marine watermakers allow the production of water while considering the environment. This high efficiency lets Schenker watermakers to be powered directly from service batterie.


Schenker marine watermakers are available in three different model types: The Zen, Smart, and Modular. All units incorporate Schenker’s power-saving Energy Recovery System and high-quality materials. Schenker desalinators for boats are the perfect choice when onboard space is limited. Additionally, they are the ideal pick when you’re looking for the latest design in the marine watermaker industry

Fabricated to fit into tight spaces, the Zen model features a very compact and ultra-flat design. Alternatively, the more traditional Smart design, with its single long membrane and separate components, will appeal if more onboard space is available. Finally, the Modular’s split membranes provide a more compact unit for higher outputs of up to 500 liters per hour. The Zen, Smart, and Modular desalinators for boats are available with either the Basic, Digital, or Touch control panels.

ModelFresh Water Prod.
RO Membrane
Number and Size
Power Consumption in WattsPower SupplyPrice
Zen 307.9One - 2.5" x 21”110 Watts12 / 24 VDC$6,030
Zen 5013.2Two - 2.5" x 21”240 Watts12 / 24 VDC$7,520
Zen 10026.4Two - 4" x 21”400 Watts12 / 24 VDC or AC$10,900
Zen 15039.6Two - 4" x 21”600 Watts24 VDC or AC$13,660
Zen Twin 20053Two - 4" x 21"800 Watts12 / 24 VDC or AC$21,000
Zen Twin 30079Two - 4" x 21"1,200 Watts24 VDC or AC$26,000
Smart 307.9One - 2.5" x 21”110 Watts12 / 24 VDC$6,770
Smart 6015.8One - 2.5" x 40”240 Watts12 / 24 VDC or AC$8,880
Smart 8021Two - 2.5" x 40”380 Watts12 / 24 VDC or AC$10,360
Smart 10026.4One - 4" x 40”400 Watts12 / 24 VDC or AC$11,520
Modular 359Two - 2.5" x 21”100 Watts12 / 24 VDC$8,560
Modular 6015.8Three - 2.5" x 21”240 Watts12 / 24 VDC or AC$10,120
Modular 10026.4Two - 4" x 21”400 Watts12 / 24 VDC or AC$12,670
Modular 15039.6One - 4" x 40”600 Watts24 VDC or AC$16,200
Modular 23061Two - 4" x 40”1,500 WattsAC single or three phase$21,300
Modular 30079Three - 4" x 40”2,500 WattsAC single or three phase$25,970
Modular 500132Four - 4" x 40”3,500 WattsAC three phaseUpon Request

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At Cruise RO Water and Power, we are cruiser ourselves. This means we know and understand every challenge that comes with wanting to find an RO system that suits your needs. With all three models of Schenker Energy Recovery desalinators for boats, we offer high-quality, energy-efficient, and environment-friendly solutions for all sailors. 

We also care deeply about providing excellent customer service. We are available 7 days a week to answer your doubts and questions. We can also recommend the best marine watermaker for you and your boat, yacht, or cruise, based on your needs. Browse our wide selection of energy recovery watermakers for the RO system for you.

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