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Custom Portable Desalination Systems

At Cruise RO Water & Power, we can build a Custom Water Maker to fit your specific application. Or else, we can retrofit your existing portable desalination system with non-proprietary parts.

Cruise RO Water & Power offers you the best portable system for turning saltwater into freshwater on the market: one made just for you. We have the experience and expertise to build a custom water maker to suit your specific application or installation needs.

Custom Water Makers Projects

We have vast experience working with clients who either already own watermaker parts or are looking to upgrade their current portable desalination system. Below, you can find some examples of our recent projects completing or upgrading custom systems for turning saltwater into freshwater.

Vert Double Membrane

At Cruise RO Water & Power, we built this custom fit portable desalination system with two 21″ RO Membranes plumbed in series.

Tight Space

This client only had room for 3 horizontally mounted 21″ RO Membranes. We designed a slim but fully functional portable desalination unit for turning saltwater into freshwater.

Small Custom

This portable desalination system features a single 21″ x 4″ RO Membrane with the control panel mounted right on the RO Pressure Vessel. This was especially designed to fit into a vertical hanging locker.

Spectra Upgrade

Reusing some Spectra parts to save costs, we turned our client’s low output DC water maker into a 30 gallon per hour 120v AC high output water maker. This was an effective way of providing our client with an upgraded and effective system for turning saltwater into freshwater.

Custom Panel

We have designed custom control panels for both our standard or custom portable desalination systems. We provide user-friendly panels that make it easier to get clean water and remove salt.

VM Upgrade

46ft Nordhavn updated their Village Marine water maker. This resulted in a system that increased turning saltwater into freshwater by 8 GPH with our membranes.

A Reverse Osmosis System Built to Your Exact Needs

Cruise RO Water & Power can upgrade any existing portable desalination system or build a custom water maker to meet your needs. We can reduce your water maker’s size to fit its designated space, enhance its desalination process, or make it more energy efficient. Get in touch with us today for a custom desalination device

Why Choose a Custom Portable Desalination System?

As liveaboard cruisers, we understand how vital it is to have a desalination system that effectively produces drinking water and is easy to install, operate, service, and repair. At Cruise RO Water & Power, we are committed to providing solutions for water scarcity through our custom water makers which are built with you and your boat’s needs in mind.

We can redesign your current portable desalination system or build one using the water maker parts you already own. By ordering a custom water maker, you and your team will be able to easily produce desalinated water, and our support team will provide effective maintenance.

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How Long Do Our Custom Water Makers Last?

Following proper maintenance requirements, a custom desalination unit can last up to 20 years. The support team at Cruise RO Water & Power is proud to offer technical support seven days a week. Our dependable assistance ensures your water maker is properly maintained and serviced to turn saltwater into freshwater for years to come.

Questions? We Are Here To Help.

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