Frigomar Marine Ice Makers

As a certified Frigomar USA distributor, we provide the finest marine ice-making solutions on the market. Crafted in Italy with unique craftsmanship and detail, Frigomar USA units embody the highest standards of quality and performance. Whether you’re seeking ice makers for pleasure crafts or commercial vessels, we have the perfect solution for you. Browse our Frigomar USA units and discover the most efficient and reliable ice maker for your boat.

Ice Makers for Boats

We have the perfect solution to keep your boat stocked with ice in any condition. Our products include ice maker kits for standard or custom refrigerators and efficient air and water-condensed ice makers.

Ice Makers

Frigomar ice makers for sale

Our wide range of ice makers will allow you to choose perfectly which type of ice and the quantity required.

  • Ice shapes: the classic ice cubes, ice fingers, and ice flakes.
  • Production: from 18 to 60 kg produced in 24 hours, with storage capacity from 4 to 9 kg.
  • Selection includes air-cooled ice makers and water-cooled ice makers

Ice Maker Kits

Ice maker kits for marine refrigerators.

Ice maker kits for refrigerators.

3040 – Air Cooled
3040-1 – Water Cooled

Kit includes:

  • Compressor unit 220V/1
  • Reservoir with pump
  • Ice cube maker
  • Electric switchboard
  • Air (art. 3040) or water (art. 3040-1) cooling

Air Condensed Ice Makers

3047A/3045A – 4 kg ice cube storage
3042A – 6 kg ice cube storage
3049A – 4 kg ice finger storage
3050A – 8 kg ice finger storage
30IF-A – 9 kg ice flake storage

  • Ice Maker with built-in air-cooled group, connected drinking water system on board. 
  • It makes ice cubes, ice fingers, or ice flakes.
  • Ice production with direct connection to the on-board water system.
  • Independent water tank for model 3047A.

Water Condensed Ice Makers

3045W – 4 kg ice cube storage
3042W – 6 kg ice cube storage
3049W – 4 kg ice finger storage
3050W – 8 kg ice finger storage
30IF-W – 9 kg ice flake storage

  • Available with fresh water and seawater cooling.
  • Ice Maker with built-in fresh water cooled unit, connected on-board drinking water system. It makes ice cubes, ice fingers, or ice flakes.
  • Ice Makers with built-in sea water-cooled units are only manufactured on request.


Enhance your ice-making experience with our comprehensive selection of accessories. We offer everything you need to keep your Frigomar USA ice maker operating at its best.

Marine ice maker replacement parts.

 Replacement Parts

Replacement parts include:

  • Pump for stainless steel ice maker
  • Ice maker fan
  • Ice maker timer
  • Inversion cycle solenoid valve for ice makers
  • Revolving comb motor for ice makers
  • Ice maker relay
  • Ice maker switch
  • Ice maker photocell


Buy ice maker for boat.

Are Ice Makers for Boats Worth Buying?

Absolutely! Ice makers are definitely worth buying for your sailing trip. They provide a convenient and reliable source of ice, keeping your drinks and food chilled during your boating adventures. With the right ice maker, you’ll have ice readily available, making your boating experience more enjoyable and hassle-free.

What to Look for When Buying a Marine Ice Maker?

There are a few key factors to consider when purchasing the right ice maker for your vessel. These include:

  • Marine-Specific Design

Ensure that the ice maker is fit for marine environments to withstand the conditions at sea. 

  • Trusted Brand

Look for a reliable brand with a proven track record, such as Frigomar USA. 

  • Ice Production Capacity

Determine the desired ice output to match your needs.

  • Energy Efficiency

Look for an ice maker that balances performance with energy consumption.

  • Installation Requirements

Ensure the ice maker is compatible with your boat’s setup.

  • Warranty and Support

Check for available warranty coverage and reliable after-sales support.

If you need assistance with purchasing an ice maker for your vessel, the team at Cruise RO Water & Power is here to help. Contact us today for expert guidance and support throughout the buying process.

Why Choose CruiseRO Water and Power?


At CruiseRO, we are sailors ourselves. We have a deep understanding of the products that work and that can improve your sailing experience.


Frigomar USA manufactures top-quality products that meet your ice-making needs. Find only the best at CruiseRO Water and Power.


We value cost-effectiveness. At CruiseRO, you can find affordable yet high-quality marine ice makers that will last for years.


We offer a wide range of Frigomar USA products that are sure to adapt to your needs. Browse our Frigomar USA ice makers for the best fit for your boat.

Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

I commend you for your commitment to your product and your customers. I have never regretted getting an AC system after talking to you. Many friends run their 12 volt units for several hours to fill the tank, while monitoring/augmenting battery amps. That is a lot of wear on the components for a little water. I never run mine for more than an hour, getting the amps from the main engine, my Honda generator, or shorepower. I have made more than 1000 gallons of water so far, with only 37 hours of run time.
Lane Scott
I want to thank you for all your help with my Cruise RO Water SeaMaker 20 water maker. We assumed our only option was a 12v water maker but they were more expensive and could only produce a disappointing 6-8 gallons. We determined that with a 2000 watt inverter we could make water while underway and with the little Honda 2000 genset we had ample power to make water at anchor. I had always heard that watermakers were a pain to maintain and operate but with easy to read well laid out instructions it is a breeze. I love my water maker and the 21 gal per hour that it actually produces fills my tanks quickly with the best water I have ever tasted.
Nick Chiappini
I cannot say enough about CruiseRO and the customer service they provide. I installed a sea maker 40 in my Jeanneau 54DS and upon startup I noticed I had a feed problem to the high pressure pump. I contacted Charlie, and he built a mockup of my system to discover I needed a larger output low pressure feed pump and 3/4″ feed lines. He tested it before shipping, then sent an overnight package with everything needed and labeled as to where it was to be installed in the system. After two hours I was making water. This is one incredible company.

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