Being Cruisers ourselves, we understand the challenges of powering a large capacity water maker aboard a cruising vessel, which is why we came up with the revolutionary idea to design our SeaMaker 20 and 30 gallon per hour water makers to operate on the power produced by a cruising staple, the Honda EU2000i generator or small diesel genset. Having the ability to produce 20 or 30 gallons of fresh water per hour changes everything. Daily showers for the crew, fresh water deck and gear wash-downs while at anchor, and even a fresh water anchor chain wash-down and fresh water flushing heads are now a reality to be enjoyed not only by the Mega-yacht crowd, but by the average cruiser.

20-60 GPH AC Water Makers

110, 115, 220, 230 VAC

We designed and priced the SeaMaker water makers to be the largest output water makers on the market for the money. In our years of cruising we have never heard someone say, “My water maker is too large, I sure wish I would have gotten a smaller unit”. The standard complaint about water makers out in the cruising world (other than their cost) is their low output and difficulty in having enough 12V DC power to run them.


20-60 GPH DC Water Makers

12, 24, 48 VDC

We carry a full line of DC powered water makers from 12 to 48v DC as standard.  Larger DC powered water makers are available upon request and can be quoted.  In most cases we can match the voltage of the boost pump to the high-pressure pump motor.


Simple Water Makers

Being cruisers ourselves means that we are budget conscious and are always looking for ways to reduce costs while still maintaining quality. Simply stated, we are able to reduce the cost of our SeaMaker Simple water makers by $395 over our standard water makers by doing away with remote panel and mounting the needed water maker controls right on the end of the RO Pressure Vessel.


Engine Driven Water Makers

We provide engine driven pumps with clutches for those customers that want to make water using their propulsion engine. Sometimes these customers do not have the ability to run an AC or DC water maker but can take advantage of their large horsepower motor. We can provide the necessary information to assist in designing their installation.


Custom Water Makers + Retrofit existing water makers

We have the experience and expertise to build a custom water maker to suit your specific application or installation needs. We work with clients all the time who either already have some water maker parts or even a working water maker to complete or upgrade their current system.  We are usually able to turn low output DC water makers into a 30 gallon per hour 120v AC high output water makers, and reuse existing parts to save costs,

SeaMaker Water Maker Highlights

We designed and priced the SeaMaker water makers to be the largest output water makers on the market for the money. In our years of cruising we have never heard someone say, “My water maker is too large, I sure wish I would have gotten a smaller unit”. The standard complaint about water makers out in the cruising world (other than their cost) is their low output and difficulty in having enough 12V DC power to run them.

The Honda EU2000i Generator can power the SeaMaker 20 or 30 water maker for 5 hours on a single tank of gas AND will still have power left over to charge your batteries! You can make 100 gallons of water from the SeaMaker 20 water maker or 150 gallons from the SeaMaker 30 water maker from a single gallon of gas. When it comes to water makers, size does matter.

When selecting a water maker for your cruise, don’t be fooled by the myth about water maker sizing that, in our opinion, simply tries to rationalize the buying decision of a low production rate water maker. More often than not, it’s the cost of a higher output unit that forces the buying decision of a lower output unit. Sure water makers (specifically the RO membranes) like to be run rather than sitting unused, but if the system is designed properly for easy fresh water flushing and pickling when not in use, your RO membrane along with the entire system will not suffer loss of life due to periods of prolonged inactivity or infrequent use. We also offer an Automatic Fresh Water Flush Option that will automatically fresh water flush the water maker for you, eliminating the need for pickling or remembering to flush the water maker when not in use!

Our design and company philosophy is simple: build a water maker that is easy to install, operate, service and repair, but most importantly do it without a “Marine” or “Cruising Gear” price premium. Designing a low-cost water maker with no proprietary parts, that lock you into an overpriced relationship for consumables or replacement parts, doesn’t just result in a more affordable water maker, but in a better water maker.

Don’t let our lower cost fool you. We use Industrial grade parts and components to fully assemble the SeaMaker water makers in San Diego, California allowing the end user to have a “plug and play” installation experience. There is a reason we have the best Warranty in the water maker industry: Quality Parts and Assembly.

Our SeaMaker water makers are not water maker DIY kits or a collection of mismatched parts requiring top to bottom user assembly. We ship our SeaMaker water makers fully assembled in modules that simply need to be mounted in your boat and plumbed together with the supplied cut-to-fit and color-coded water lines. Keeping our overhead low and understanding what works out in the real world of cruising allows us to supply the cruising community with a top quality large capacity water maker at a price that won’t sink your cruising kitty, while offering an industry leading three (3) year warranty and 7 day a week technical support.

A good place to start for a technical overview of a SeaMaker water maker is by reviewing the flow schematic below for a SeaMaker 30. The SeaMaker 20 water maker only has one RO membrane and pressure vessel, while the SeaMaker 30 and 40 water makers both have two RO membranes and pressure vessels plumbed in series.

If you have spent some time researching water makers on the web, you may notice that our flow schematic looks similar to many of the other water makers on the market. The similarities stand to reason because reverse osmosis desalination technology is not black magic, but rather mainstream technology with a good track record of performance. This is important to you because the parts and components that make up a commercial RO water maker should be commodity priced rather than “black magic priced”. Recognizing the commodity based nature of the RO industry; we have priced our SeaMaker water makers at what we think is a fair starting price and then only raise our price for a larger output water maker to match any increase in our raw component prices and not just because the product water flow rate increases.

In a break with the water maker pack, we utilize NO proprietary parts and make NO attempt to hide the manufacturer of our industry standard components. We don’t remove the manufacturer’s nameplate and replace it with our own. If you call, email, text, or Skype us asking information on the type of RO Membranes, motors, high pressure pumps, or any other parts we use in our SeaMaker water makers, we don’t play games, we simply answer your question. Try that with some of the other water maker manufacturers and you would think they are trying to hide the parts for a Flux Capacitor or Cold Fusion!

The best way to get a detailed understanding and feel for our water makers is to review our detailed manual. So, if you would like a copy of our Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for review just drop us an email and we will send you a PDF copy electronically. Don’t be surprised to receive a reply back from us on weekends or after normal business hours because unlike the “big names” in the water maker business, we are available for customer support and service 7 days a week.

Questions? We Are Here To Help.

Email or call and talk to the owners of the Company and the Designers, Rich and Charlie, 7 Days-A-Week. If they are awake, they answer!