You are currently viewing Watermakers: Practical and Space-Saving Items for Sailing

Watermakers: Practical and Space-Saving Items for Sailing

Watermakers: Practical and Space-Saving Items for Sailing

Commercial reverse osmosis systems offer space- and life-saving solutions for transoceanic journeys. The versatility of each component of these essential products permits them to fit in the available space.


Today, it is even simpler to install RO systems on boats, yachts, and cruise ships because they can be adapted to the existing space.


A commercial water purifier does not have to be a headache and space constraint. Rather, it can be a practical form of distributing pure water to all passengers and crew on board.


This article will help you determine the space requirements for a commercial reverse filtration system and other considerations for installing a new RO water system.


commercial reverse osmosis system

How Do Watermakers Work?

A commercial reverse osmosis system (RO system) is a treatment plant that takes water from a contaminated source, such as the sea, and produces clean drinking water.


The heart of an RO system is the reverse osmosis membrane, a thin film that allows water molecules to pass through but blocks most contaminants.


The space each commercial RO system requires is critical for two reasons:


First, because the feed water pressure must be much higher than the product water pressure, commercial RO systems require high-pressure pumps, which take up space.


Second, the reverse osmosis process needs large storage tanks to hold the finished product water until it is necessary.


Consequently, when choosing a commercial RO system, it is important to consider not only the quality of the unit but also the amount of space it will occupy.

How Much Space Does a Watermaker Need?

After discussing why space is vital, it is time to delve more into the primary criteria that determine the optimal size of a watermaker.


More like asking how much space a watermaker requires; the real question is, how much space do you have available for a watermaker?


The truth is the best watermaker is the one that fits the size and capacity of the vessel. And even though it may sound simple, the water maker you choose can significantly impact your ship’s productivity.


So now it is time to assist you in selecting the optimal watermaker size.

Choosing the Best Commercial Reverse Osmosis System Size

Listed below are the primary aspects you should consider when selecting your watermaker to maximize the space at your disposal.

  1. Choose a Trusted Watermaker Designer


First and foremost, getting evaluated by a professional and trustworthy RO designer is the greatest way to select the ideal watermaker for your environment.


With Cruise RO Water and Power, you may choose the perfect type and size for your requirements. We assist you in every stage of selecting the ideal model and size. In addition, you receive the highest watermaker quality, guarantees, and designs.

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  1. Make Sure to Revise the Exact Dimensions

The dimensions of watermakers are the principal factor determining how much space they will take. Therefore, before making the final buying decision, you must know exactly what you are getting.


Before examining watermaker alternatives, you should measure the area available on your ship for this component. That way, you can have a better understanding of what to buy.


Then, it’s time to choose your ideal commercial reverse osmosis systems measures and features.


To simplify, let’s see an example of the aspects you should always consider in size measurement. 


The image below shows the exact measurements in length, width, height, and weight of our 20 Gallon Per Hour watermaker.



 commercial reverse osmosis system


This measurement specification is crucial for selecting the optimal watermaker size.


3. Check the Watermaker Features


Remember that the overall RO module consists of multiple components, each of which has a specific objective. Keep in mind that some watermakers’ sizes may also vary based on the offered features.


RO watermaker


They usually come in 5 pieces that can be mounted on the boat and plumbed into the best location to use your space correctly.


You can have more particular insights about water desalinators by visiting our youtube channel


So, you’ve decided that a watermaker is right for you and your needs? Great! Now it’s time to choose the perfect model for your situation.


The good news is that selecting a watermaker is simple when you evaluate your available space, its functions, and its specific dimensions. If you are ready for the next step, contact us today – we would be happy to help you find the best model for your needs.


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