Alternator Regulator

Priced at $249

Our “Smart Charge One” advanced regulator pcb is manufactured in Taiwan. Upon arrival it is inspected for workmanship, tested and then programmed to a better algorithm than the original. Unlike no other advanced regulator on the market today it has an “engine restart” function that limits the absorption time to ten minutes. Another function, like no other, is the “Force to Float” function where the operator can fully eliminate the absorption phase if not wanted. This input is especially handy for the Lithium user that has a BMS signal to end the high voltage charge of a Lithium bank or for the astute engineer that knows excessive absorption charging is not necessarily a good thing.

Constructed and tested in Eliot, Maine USA the “Smart-Charge_One” was originally designed in England and manufactured in Taiwan but to be sure it was done right, upon arrival at Mark Grasser – DC Power Solutions this product is dis-assembled, re-programmed with a software upgrade that is easier on your batteries, tested and tuned for expected parameters and re-assembled, all at our facility in Eliot, Maine, USA.

Because we purchased a very large quantity of brand new regulators we were able to do these software and hardware upgrades and still offer these regulators at a very low price. Please note the important improvements we made by looking at the graph below. Most important to the serious cruiser are shown below at #1: The upgrade to an ignition protected fuse, #10: Quick to float calculation for fully charged batteries. #11: For the engineer type, our forced to float function via a pair of screw terminals and, not mentioned below, better tachometer output control so you don’t see your tachometer dropping away as often as other advanced regulators.