Small Boat Water Maker Installation

Having been in the water maker biz for a while, I’ve done my share of installations and seen photos of even more.  But when Barry Bartholomew, the owner of SV SeaSwift, a 35ft canoe stern Southern Cross sailboat, sent me photos of his recent installation I was impressed!  Barry managed to use the space under… Read more »

Water Maker Prefilters

  We get questions all the time regarding the prefilters on a marine water maker.  What is their function, what micron size works best, can I buy them off the shelf from a place like Home Depot, and can they be washed and reused?   The purpose of the prefilters is to remove as much… Read more »

Slocum 43 Sailboat: Water Maker Installation

    Often the best way to describe the installation process of a Cruise RO Water Maker is to have a client do it!  So here is a blog post made by Dan on SV Papillon, a Slocum 43 sailboat, about his 20 gallon per hour water maker installation.   Link to Water Maker Installation… Read more »

Welcome to the Cruise RO Water Maker Blog

Greetings from the chart table of SV THIRD DAY, our Hudson Force 50 sailboat that serves as our family home and the central California sales and service center for Cruise RO Water and Power.  My floating office worked while we were cruising Mexico and since we love living aboard we have no plans to move… Read more »