DC Power Solutions High Output Alternators

Like fresh water, power on a cruising boat is something I’ve never heard anyone complain about having too much of, to the contrary, most of the cruising headaches revolve around a shortage of power or water! The DC Power Solutions line of high output alternators offer a smart solution to the power shortage issue at price and quality point that blows the competition out of the water.

Our High Output alternators are available in Amp sizes of 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200 and in configurations to easily fit the common Frame, Pad, and Saddle mounting options found on all the common marine diesels. The 80, 100, 120, and 140 Amp Alternators are designed to produce 70% of their output at idle RPMs, while the 160 Amp produces 60% and the180 and 200 Amp produces 50%. This design feature allows for maximum charging capacity at lower engine speeds, which is where most cruisers operate their engine for fuel economy.

You won’t find a glossy powder coated alternator with marketing flash and sizzle. Sound engineering knows that the powder coating will act as an insulator on the aluminum alternator housing hindering the efficient dissipation of heat, resulting in a burned out alternator. We gave up the flash and sizzle paint job for an alternator that simply doesn’t overheat when combined with it’s optimal dual fan cooling and design features. The alternators come with an industry leading three (3) year limited Warranty!

Installation Option 1:
Copper Jumper in place for internal regulator field control only.

Installation Option 2:
Copper Jumper in place and external regulator field wire in place for internal AND external regulator control. This configuration allows for the internal regulator to take over control if the external regulator was to fail.

Installation Option 3:
Copper Jumper removed and external regulator field wire in place for external regulator control only.


  • Out of Box ability to wire with, without or in conjunction with an external regulator
  • Internal Dual Stage Internal Regulator that acts as back-up if connected to an external regulator
  • Ignition Protection for Gas or Diesel Engines
  • Hand Wound Heavy Duty Marine Rotor and Stator
  • Operating Speed- 18000 RPM Continuous 19000 Intermittent (30 sec)
  • Charging Output – Single Positive Post
  • Bearings – Heavy Duty Sealed and Lubricated
  • Dual internal Fans for enhanced cooling
  • Temperature Limits -40°F to 302°F
  • Regulation – Dual Stage Internal
  • Wiring- Plug and harness Included
  • Polarity – Negative Ground
  • Natural Unpainted Aluminum Body for more effective heat dissipation
  • Weight – 11lbs
  • Industry Leading Three Year (3) Limited Warranty
Alternator Output AmpsAlternator Pricing
250A * note lager frame$1299
110A at 24v$1599