We can build a Custom Water Maker to fit your specific application
We can Retrofit your existing water maker with Non-Proprietary Parts

We have the experience and expertise to build a custom water maker to suit your specific application or installation needs. Here are a few examples of some recent projects.

This client only had room for 3 horizontally mounted 21″ RO Membranes.

A client needed the controls mounted right on his pressure vessels and due to space considerations needed the RO Pressure Vessel assembly to be mounted vertically on his engine room bulkhead.

MV Discovery is a 46ft Nordhavn cruising power boat that was looking to update their Village Marine water maker. We worked with them to replace their RO Membranes and Pressure Vessels and increased their fresh water production by 8 GPH, while getting them away from the proprietary and high priced Village Marine Membranes. They talk about the retrofit on their Blog.

We work with clients all the time who either already have some water maker parts or even a working water maker to complete or upgrade their current system. The client in the below photos was not happy with the performance or output of his Spectra water maker. Reusing some of his Spectra parts to save costs, we were able to turn his low output DC water maker into a 30 gallon per hour 120v AC high output water maker.

The original black Spectra RO Pressure Vessels and Membrane now mated to our high flow stainless steel and robust piston pump.